The Galloway News : 2020-07-09

Puzzles : 46 : 2


2 www.gallowayne­ 09.07.2020 PUZZLES TIN 3=T, 26=I 18=N, ABCDEFGHIJ­KLMNOPQRST­UVWXYZ FREE home delivery Visit www.greatmagaz­ T N I Notes We are the helping hand of the Struggling to cope? news trade Financial Support Grants If you or someone you know has a news trade connection and is struggling to cope, we may be able to help. State Support For Benefits Disabled & Carers Advice NewstrAid provides welfare support and advice to people in need who work or have worked in the sale and distributi­on of newspapers and magazines in the UK. Help For Children Almoner Home Visits Free Helpline: Debt Anxiety Support Advice

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