Who knew an ob­scure break­fast ce­real would be the key in­gre­di­ent to avoid a sludgy pud?

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The bis­cuit base has three in­gre­di­ents: plain di­ges­tive bis­cuits, un­sur­pris­ingly enough; but­ter; and Grape-Nuts break­fast ce­real. If yours are any­thing like my lo­cal su­per­mar­kets, you will have one ques­tion: “What are Grape-Nuts?”

Well, I’ll tell you. The first thing you need to know about Grape-Nuts ce­real is that it in­cludes nei­ther grapes nor nuts. It is made from wheat and bar­ley. If you want to imag­ine what GrapeNuts break­fast ce­real is, fin­ish a box of, say, Corn Flakes or Weetabix, then look at the de­tri­tus in the bot­tom of the bag. You’ve got Grape-Nuts!

Grape-Nuts are the in­ven­tion of Charles Post, who started life as an agri­cul­tural sales­man, but suf­fered a se­ries of ner­vous break­downs. In search of a cure, he checked him­self into John Har­vey Kel­logg’s health clinic – I prom­ise I am not mak­ing this up – where he was so struck by the qual­ity of the food he de­cided to get into the ce­real busi­ness him­self. Un­for­tu­nately, Kel­logg had al­ready in­vented all the good ce­re­als and taken all the good names, so poor old Post was left with Grape-Nuts, which is both deeply unin­spir­ing and has an in­cred­i­bly stupid name.

Grape-Nuts aren’t bad in and of them­selves. They’re what I imag­ine all food will be like when cli­mate change gets so bad that we move to raft cities and start living off al­gae: you can tell that it is pro­vid­ing you with all the nu­tri­ents you need – it’s just that eat­ing it feels like a chore. Delia claims that she has “dis­cov­ered re­cently” that Grape-Nuts give a bis­cuit base ex­tra crunch, which I sus­pect is code for “I chucked a bunch of Grape-Nuts in with the bis­cuits to get rid of the stuff”.

Here’s what you should not do: do not at­tempt to re­place Grape-Nuts with Spe­cial K, Weetabix, Corn Flakes or Shred­ded Wheat. If you do, it will look and smell as if you have made a bis­cuit base, but dur­ing cook­ing, the lime fill­ing will es­cape said base and you will end up with what is ba­si­cally a key lime cake with a bis­cuit fill­ing. You have, in­stead, two op­tions. One: find the big­gest, fan­ci­est su­per­mar­ket in your area, where they will have some Grape-Nuts. Or, al­ter­nately, just sub­sti­tute the “two ounces” of GrapeNuts for more di­ges­tive bis­cuits, or, if you’d like a bit more crunch, por­ridge oats. But if you re­ally, re­ally want Grape-Nuts, then don’t worry: I have most of a packet left.

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