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I get up at 3.30am. We’re on air from 6am, so if I’m in the stu­dio, I’ll have eggs at around 7am from the can­teen – scram­bled or poached, oc­ca­sion­ally with a slice of brown toast. If I’m on the road, though, it’ll be a ba­con butty with the team. Which is great, a real treat. But it’s all down­hill from there.

If it’s a healthy day, I’ll head to the gym, then have a steak salad at the cafe next door. But if it’s a ba­con butty day, it might be a ham and cheese sand­wich. The other week, I had that four days in a row, think­ing: how is this pos­si­ble? I’m just grab­bing what’s to hand.

On a healthy day, I’ll have nuts; oth­er­wise, it’s a bag of Mon­ster Munch. And I def­i­nitely have a sugar belly – when you work long shifts, you crave sugar. I gave it up for a while, and it made a dif­fer­ence to my tired­ness and my mood, but that didn’t last long. Drinks-wise, I stick to wa­ter, some­times a Diet Coke.

I’m in bed by 8pm, so it’s some­thing light at 5pm: a stir-fry or chicken with veg. I won’t cook it, though. You’ll never see me on any­thing like MasterChef. I’m just not in­ter­ested.

Steph McGovern is a pre­sen­ter on BBC Break­fast

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