Mário Lag­inha/ Ju­lian Argüelles/ Helge A Nor­bakken

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Setem­bro EDI­TION ★★★★★

Some of the in­tu­itive com­mu­nion between sax­o­phon­ist Ju­lian Argüelles and the late pi­anist John Tay­lor is re­called on the ra­di­ant ex­changes Argüelles and Por­tuguese pi­anist Mário Lag­inha share on Setem­bro – though Lag­inha’s com­po­si­tions have a vi­vac­ity and lyri­cism all of their own. Here, Lag­inha’s im­prov con­ver­sa­tions with Argüelles and Nor­we­gian per­cus­sion­ist Helge

An­dreas Nor­bakken ex­hibit quick­think­ing in­de­pen­dence. Some of Lag­inha’s dances – such as the stac­cato, skippy Mãos na Parede or Fisi­ca­mente – stretch Argüelles’s seam­less flu­ency to the ut­most, and il­lus­trate why he has blos­somed into one of Europe’s most in­ven­tive sax­o­phon­ists. The grace­fully un­fold­ing, vamp-rooted Ser­ralves and Argüelles’ own Hug­ger Mug­ger have a laid-back, Andy Shep­pard-like warmth, the tunes are ter­rific, whether full-on or va­porously misty. Nor­bakken’s softly flappy, pat­ter­ing drum sound en­hances this fine set’s unique char­ac­ter. John Ford­ham

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