What if the gun­pow­der plot had suc­ceeded?

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What would most likely have hap­pened next had the gun­pow­der plot suc­ceeded in blow­ing up King James and his govern­ment in 1605?

It would have been a bloody catas­tro­phe. The con­spir­acy was a hand­ful of peo­ple with a very bad plan – to blow up par­lia­ment, kid­nap the nine-year-old Princess El­iz­a­beth, bring her up as a Catholic, stage a ris­ing of Catholics in the Mid­lands and then some­how get Eng­land and Scot­land back into the Catholic fold. They were delu­sional. Their plan stood lit­tle chance of work­ing and in all like­li­hood, even if they had blown up par­lia­ment, the re­sult­ing back­lash would have re­sulted in a mass pogrom of Catholics. An­grycym­raeg

Catholi­cism would have been stamped out per­ma­nently in Bri­tain. Then a se­ri­ous ef­fort to re­move Catholi­cism from Ire­land might have been made too. That might in turn have caused a Euro­pean war, and who knows how that would have ended – al­though the mis­ery caused by sec­tar­ian massacre and counter-massacre is eas­ily imag­ined. It’s a good thing Guy Fawkes was caught when he was, al­though the tor­ture was ob­vi­ously un­war­ranted. Greatlizard

The suc­ces­sor to the throne, the el­der son of James VI and I, Henry Frederick, would prob­a­bly not have been in par­lia­ment (as he was aged nine) and would have ac­ceded to the throne with his mother as re­gent. An­ti­catholic sen­ti­ment would have led to mass vengeance against all Catholics; and Spain might have seized the op­por­tu­nity to try an­other in­va­sion.

Henry died at 18, so the reign of Charles I (James’s younger son) and the sub­se­quent civil war may well have still hap­pened. xtrap­nel

Even if some­one else had reigned in­stead of Charles, they would have faced the same chal­lenges in their fi­nances and from par­lia­ment. They might well have been a bet­ter monarch than him, but a con­sti­tu­tional cri­sis, pos­si­bly re­sult­ing in con­flict, would prob­a­bly still have been in­evitable. I sus­pect that Charles’s per­son­al­ity and bad judg­ment made it worse, though. Snowyjohn

We would all be wear­ing great hats and qual­ity leather jack­ets. Mark Sar­gent, Ayl­bur­ton, Glos

There would have been one hell of a mess to clean up. kei­thrick­aby

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