Why am I al­ways ask­ing why?

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(Asked by Tim Sedg­wick-jell on be­half of Sa­muel, aged four.)

Be­cause you are four. Don’t stop – it will please your par­ents, an­noy your teach­ers and frus­trate any­one who just wants to tell you what to do. Mike King, Honi­ton, Devon

Please tell Sa­muel that the rea­son he al­ways asks “why” is that he’s a bright and in­ter­ested child, who wants to un­der­stand the world – and there’s a lot to un­der­stand. Judith Martin, Winch­ester, Hants

Why are you ask­ing why you al­ways ask why? Vin­nyr

Sa­muel, have you tried ask­ing your mother? cu­bic­man

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