Taste test: ve­gan Christ­mas sand­wiches

The num­ber of ve­gan Bri­tons has quadru­pled in four years and M&S has just started sell­ing its first ve­gan fes­tive sand­wich. We put it, and five oth­ers, to the test

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Paul, ’Tis the Ve­gan Sand­wich, £4.25

Fill­ing Hum­mus, grilled sliced car­rots, grilled yel­low pep­pers, fresh spinach, cran­berry sauce and roasted pump­kin seeds.

Flavour Sub­tle use of hum­mus, lots of veg­e­tal sweet­ness and savouri­ness built into the bread.

Fes­tive fac­tor It might be as Bri­tish as say­ing sorry, but this year the win­ning Christ­mas sand­wich is

in con­tour n able ment French.

Pret, Very Merry Christ­mas Lunch, £3.50

Fill­ing Grilled car­rots, crispy onions and baby spinach with a fes­tive ve­gan stuff­ing and port and orange cran­berry sauce, fin­ished with pecans.

Flavour Her­ba­cious from the stuff­ing, and a beau­ti­ful bal­ance be­tween sweet and savoury. Fes­tive fac­tor I’d eat that stuff­ing in any­thing.

M&S, No Turkey Feast, £3.90

Fill­ing Mar­i­nated roasted soya pro­tein with onion and sage dress­ing, cran­berry chut­ney, fried onions and spinach.

Flavour Creamy and bland with a sub­tle fruiti­ness from the cran­berry. The sage stays in hid­ing un­til well af­ter you’ve swal­lowed your bite.

Fes­tive fac­tor The only can­di­date to ref­er­ence the tra­di­tional fes­tive roast but, flavour­wise, it just doesn’t cut it. Star­bucks, Ve­gan Win­ter Sand­wich, £2.99

Fill­ing Roasted car­rot and but­ter­nut squash with chipo­tle slaw, spiced pump­kin stuff­ing, cran­berry and brus­sels sprout pesto, pump­kin puree, kale and rocket leaves, pome­gran­ate ar­ils, toasted pump­kin seeds.

Flavour There is al­most too much go­ing on. The heat from the chipo­tle, though, sets it apart, as do the bolder greens. Fes­tive fac­tor A whole Christ­mas Day spread in one neat par­cel.

Boots, Parsnip Frit­ter and But­ter­nut Squash, £2.75

Fill­ing Parsnip and car­rot frit­ter, but­ter­nut squash, cran­berry sauce, ve­gan may­on­naise, hum­mus, chick­peas and chest­nuts with spinach.

Flavour Like fried hum­mus with lots of sweet­ness from the cran­berry – de­li­cious, but let down by dry bread.

Fes­tive fac­tor The combo of sugar and fat brings the word feast to mind, even if what it comes sand­wiched in does not.

Co-op, Ve­gan Bub­ble and Squeak, £2.65

Fill­ing Sweet potato, cab­bage and sage frit­ter, ve­gan sage and onion may­on­naise, spinach, red cab­bage, fruit chut­ney and pick­led beet­root.

Flavour Could do with more salt, fat and savouri­ness – I’d never have guessed they had fried any­thing. Both beet­root and red cab­bage, though, is a good call.

Fes­tive fac­tor The sage is a de­cent fes­tive mark, but it’s nowhere near enough. Dale Bern­ing Sawa


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