Tory crony­ism: a seem­ingly end­less source of big­otry

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Poor Tories. All they wanted was a hous­ing tsar; some­one to bring beauty back to pub­lic spa­ces. OK, so Roger Scru­ton (pic­tured) had some pe­cu­liar no­tions. He was on record with the view that “many of the Bu­dapest in­tel­li­gentsia are Jewish, and form part of the ex­ten­sive net­works around the Soros Em­pire”. Was this an­ti­semitic con­spir­acy gloop, even be­fore he high-tailed it to the metaphor­i­cal golf club with Nigel Farage? Scru­ton was also per­sis­tently anti-Mus­lim, but still, hous­ing tsar, right? All the gov­ern­ment wanted were some pretty build­ings to make Eng­land look like Eng­land again, and if that came with a side or­der of ful­mi­nat­ing big­otry, so be it. Ex­cept that was not all: Scru­ton was also found to be­moan the “or­tho­dox lib­eral view … that ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity is in­nate and guilt­less”. “It’s not nor­mal,” he once sup­plied to the pub­lic record, via the Sun­day Tele­graph, in plainer lan­guage still.

This is the re­cur­ring melody of the gov­ern­ment’s mood mu­sic: ev­ery time they chuck a job at one of their mates, the most ca­sual scrawl through their Twit­ter feed re­veals that a lack of any mean­ing­ful qual­i­fi­ca­tion or trans­par­ent ap­pli­ca­tion process for the role is the very least of their prob­lems. Toby Young, it turns out, doesn’t just want to ed­u­cate the masses; he also wants to leer at the breasts of fa­mous peo­ple and con­trol the pro­cre­ation of those of low IQ, although, luck­ily for his blood­line, only those on a low in­come. Ben Gold­smith, mean­while, thinks that the rea­son he can’t get a seat on the tube is that there are too many im­mi­grants, and sud­denly the sheer shadi­ness of his non-ex­ec­u­tive post at De­fra, given he is a from a fam­ily who have do­nated £1m to the Con­ser­va­tives, pales into in­signif­i­cance be­side the eerie spec­tre of tube seats for the Bri­tish-born. Doc­tor Who just cov­ered Rosa Parks: your av­er­age six-year-old knows that turn­ing pub­lic trans­port into a race war is not a good idea.

Bad luck? Or is this the in­evitable end of crony­ism, since part of the point of a proper and im­par­tial ap­point­ment pol­icy is to weed out the big­ots be­fore they’re in post? Yet still, if I woke up prime min­is­ter, and gave jobs to all my friends, I’m pretty con­fi­dent that their Twit­ter wood­work would not be crawl­ing with murky, alt-right pro­pa­ganda memes wor­thy of the 1930s. Sure, you might find one who had some salty views about the M&S jump­suit ev­ery­one’s wear­ing; some of them don’t like dogs, which is a sure­fire way to alien­ate the vot­ing pub­lic. Def­i­nitely, pos­i­tively, I wouldn’t give a cul­ture brief to the one who wants to erad­i­cate mime and all his­tory of it, and I had an un­cle with very strong prej­u­dices against the Span­ish based – ob­scurely – on Michael Por­tillo, but that was many years ago. I have a friend who dis­likes the York­shire coun­try­side, and one who re­acts more strongly to Piers Mor­gan than could ever be con­sid­ered rea­son­able, but I don’t have any eu­geni­cists in this port­fo­lio, or peo­ple who want to reat­tach guilt to ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity.

It’s al­most as if this isn’t a co­in­ci­dence: one might just about con­clude that the kind of peo­ple who think it is OK to give jobs to their friends are the kind of peo­ple with shady friends.

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