Here’s why ev­ery­one hates ‘we’ head­lines

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Is it pos­si­ble for you to stop us­ing “we” and “us” in a lazy man­ner?

On 5 Novem­ber there were ar­ti­cles head­lined “Why we’re still all talk­ing about Ja­mal Khashoggi”, “Why ev­ery­one has Shal­low on re­peat” and “Ev­ery­one should have a dog”. The next day we have “Why do we watch peo­ple eat­ing on­line?”. I could give many more ex­am­ples of ar­ti­cles in which the “we” etc does not in­clude me. It is ir­ri­tat­ing to be in­cluded in be­hav­iour/views that I do not share.

Alan Ball

Al­res­ford, Es­sex

Gay­a­tra Devi’s ar­ti­cle about the uses of bore­dom (the­, 28 Septem­ber 2015) was in­ter­est­ing. Not­with­stand­ing, the word bore­dom it­self sug­gests lit­tle of the con­di­tion. My maiden aunts 80 years ago would pace their apart­ment, fore­head tightly wrapped to stave off bore­dom. When I asked them what was the mat­ter, I got this re­ply in Yid­dish: “Es nid­dit­mir de neshuma.” Trans­lated, it says,

“My soul is vexed.” Now that is ex­actly what bore­dom con­veys.

Jascha Kessler

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