US midterms and a ques­tion of progress

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Those of us with a rem­nant of hope in our hearts are cel­e­brat­ing the num­bers of women elected to the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives (Re­port, 8 Novem­ber) – and some­what flab­ber­gasted that it has taken this long for Na­tive Amer­i­can women to be elected. For Democrats Sharice Davids and Deb Haa­land it must be like get­ting locked out of your home for a long time while strangers wreck it and fight over who gets to use up ev­ery­thing in­side, then fi­nally man­ag­ing to find a small open win­dow in the base­ment and bat­tle your way into the main house. Amanda Baker


I’m glad the Democrats have taken the House. But I won­der if the in­creased sense of ur­gency on the left that might have been cre­ated by a Repub­li­can vic­tory in both cham­bers would have been a bet­ter out­come? Ian Sa­muel (Opin­ion, the­, 4 Novem­ber) paints a scary pic­ture of how a de­ter­mined “Amer­i­can right is in the midst of a for­mi­da­ble project: in­stalling per­ma­nent mi­nor­ity rule”. Wide­spread “voter sup­pres­sion”, “par­ti­san ger­ry­man­der­ing” and an elec­toral sys­tem weighted in favour of smaller, ru­ral, con­ser­va­tive states have all helped “the last piece of the mi­nor­ity rule puz­zle to snap into place: the supreme court”. Th­ese re­sults may fos­ter a mis­placed be­lief within the lib­eral op­po­si­tion in its abil­ity to win back over­all power through the cur­rent sys­tem. Joe McCarthy


The White House has sus­pended the press cre­den­tials of CNN’s Jim Acosta be­cause he put “his hands on a young woman” while he was ques­tion­ing Don­ald Trump. Pre­sum­ably, if the jour­nal­ist had “grabbed her by the pussy”, that would have been fine. Suzanne Bos­man


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