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By Week­end’s All Ages model David Gled­hill, 45

I’ve had a beard for five years. It’s be­come part of my look and I guess it’s quite fash­ion­able, but in all that time I’ve never used any prod­ucts on it. I’m gen­er­ally not much of a groom­ing per­son, but I quite en­joyed us­ing these oils.

How­ever, the First Olympian, Her­mes Beard Oil (£29.95, wasn’t a win­ner. It came in a small, corked bot­tle, which was a problem to open. I had to re­sort to us­ing pliers and ended up forc­ing the cork down into the bot­tle. By that point I was quite cross, and oily. My beard felt too greasy, but that might have been due to ac­ci­den­tally over-ap­ply­ing.

Af­ter Cork­gate, the rest were easy to use. I re­ally liked Kiehl’s Nour­ish­ing Beard Groom­ing Oil (£22, It felt clean and re­fresh­ing,ref not oily, and the min­i­mal­ist­minim bot­tle looks good. Bull Dog Orig­i­nalOr Beard Oil (£5.50, bull­dogskin­­dog is the cheap­estcheape I tested, a no-brainer on value, was easy to use, and left my beard feel­ingf softer.

My f favourite was Mr Natty’s Fa­mousFamou Beard Elixir (£9.50, mr­­natt It’s re­ally easy to use, as the pipette gives a mea­sured dose. ItI made my beard feel soft with­outwithou be­ing oily – my wife said my beard lookedl smoother af­ter I used it. The pack­ag­ing is cool, it would make a nice present for some­one and it’s a good price. I ap­plied a lit­tle in the morn­ingm and the soft­en­ing ef­fect last­edl all day. I will carry on us­ing thist one.

I wouldn’twou say I’ve been fully con­vert­ed­con­ver to a groom­ing rou­tine, but I am halfway there.

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