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What’s go­ing for it? When I’m bored, I like to imag­ine an­other fate for Dol­lis Hill. To­day, it’s a synonym for subur­bia, the hill striped with 1920s semis, the tube sta­tion suck­ing in and belch­ing out its daily diet of com­muters; but it’s a cos­mopoli­tan kind of sub­urb, and those semis soon filled with as­pi­rant Jewish émi­grés from the East End. Dol­lis Hill coulda been a con­tender. It could have been Sil­i­con, er, Hill. In its hey­day, when re­search labs lined the North Cir­cu­lar, the Colos­sus com­puter, of code-break­ing fame, and Ernie the com­puter for pre­mium bonds, were built in its Post Of­fice Re­search Sta­tion. (Yes, there was a Post Of­fice Re­search Sta­tion. I feel an Eal­ing com­edy com­ing on.) Had global for­tunes not turned the way they did, Dol­lis Hill might have had its own Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. In­stead, they’re prob­a­bly push­ing the grand­kids around Glad­stone Park, dream­ing about what might have been.

The case against Sub­ur­ban en­nui. The lovely Glad­stone Park aside, there’s not much to it, just a pa­rade of newsagents and offies by the sta­tion and end­less av­enues.

Well con­nected? Trains: Dol­lis Hill is on the Ju­bilee line, with cen­tral Lon­don 15 min­utes away. Driv­ing: not far from the North Cir­cu­lar and M1; a 45-minute drive into cen­tral Lon­don for the brave.

Schools Pri­maries: Glad­stone Park, St Mary Mag­dalen’s Catholic and Avig­dor Hirsch To­rah Temimah are all “good”, Of­sted says, with Con­vent of Je­sus and Mary Catholic In­fant and Our Lady of Grace Catholic “out­stand­ing”. Se­con­daries: the Crest Academy and Meno­rah High for Girls are both “good”. Hang out at… The Sta­bles Café in Glad­stone Park: great cakes and glo­ri­ous views.

Where to buy The, ahem, “old town” hugs the tube sta­tion, with lovely leafy roads like Dews­bury, lined with red-brick Ed­war­dians. But it’s mostly a 1920s af­fair, with wide roads of stately semis such as Ken­dal Road and Dol­lis Hill Lane fronting the park, and Park Av­enue, plus a nice grid around Olive Road. More ex­pen­sive south and east to­wards Willes­den Green and Crick­le­wood, cheaper north to the North Cir­cu­lar. Not that many flats. De­tacheds, £900,000-£2m. Semis, £650,000-£2m. Ter­races and cot­tages, £520,000-£1.5m. Flats, £400,000-£650,000. Ren­tals: one-bed flat, £1,000£1,400pcm; three-bed house, £1,800-£2,500pcm. Bar­gain of the week Roomy, four-bed­room 1920s de­tached on Dol­lis Hill Lane, in need of mod­erni­sa­tion, £740,000, with hoop­ers­es­tateagents.co.uk.

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