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What were you hop­ing for? To get through din­ner with­out want­ing to leave. And mu­tual at­trac­tion.

First im­pres­sions? Re­lief! The restau­rant had seated u us out of sight from one an­othhe an­other for half an hour, so I thouug thought I’d been stood up. I was about aba to leave when the wait­eer waiter came and ex­plained.

Wha What a did you talk about? Where we grew up, fam­i­lies, what we got up to over the sum­mer, travel, my aw­ful shirt, music and work.

An Any ny awk­ward mo­ments? Thh The long 28 and a half min­utes min when I thought I’ I’d been stood up.

Go Good o ta­ble man­ners? Yeah. He HHe was re­ally po­lite to the restau­rant staff.

Bes Best st thing about James?

He wass was v very in­quis­i­tive, but not in an in­tense in way. There was strongg strong e eye con­tact through­out the nighh night – and he had nice eyes.

Wo Would you in­tro­duce him im to your friends? Def­i­nitely.

De­scr De­scribe ri him in three words Hand Hand­some. d Cheeky. Smart.

W What do you think h he made of you?

Iw I was ner­vous at first, so he prob­a­bly p thought I was quite ssh shy. He laughed a lot, so hop­effu hope­fully he thinks I’ve got a decce de­cent sense of hu­mour.

Did you yyo go on some­where? To o a bar for cock­tails. We eb bopped – it was fun.

An A And... did you kiss? Yeah, we did.

If you yyo could change one thing aab about the evening, what would it be?

He oor or­dered a cock­tail that he tho thought ou I’d like. I gri­maced and d spat it into the glass. I should ssh have necked it t and thanked him.

M Marks out of 10?

9. Wo Would ou you meet again?

Date nuu num­ber two is in the di­ary next week. What were you hop­ing for? To meet a guy I could take home to my par­ents.

First im­pres­sions?

He was cute, and I liked his silky shirt. It turns out he’d been wear­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent but had spilled his lunch on it. Which was cute.

What did you talk about? Fam­ily, hol­i­days, our jobs… My me­mory is a lit­tle foggy as I drank quite a bit to calm my nerves.

Any awk­ward mo­ments?

I saw him through the win­dow as I walked in, only to then be seated on the far side of the restau­rant un­til they worked out we were sup­posed to be to­gether. Good ta­ble man­ners?

From what I re­mem­ber. We had a ton of food, and he ti­died up the ta­ble when we left, which was lovely.

Best thing about Max?

He was a gen­tle­man and never made me feel un­com­fort­able.

Would you in­tro­duce him to your friends? Ab­so­lutely, he’d fit right in.

De­scribe him in three words Tall, dark, hand­some.

What do you think he made of you? Hope­fully he thought I was kind and a de­cent per­son.

Did you go on some­where? For cock­tails.

And... did you kiss? Many times. I have no is­sue with kisses on a first date.

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?

I’d have been less drunk.

Marks out of 10?


Would you meet again?

Yes! Next Wed­nes­day.

Max and James ate at Lit­tle Kolkata, London WC2, lit­ Fancy a blind date? Email­ If you’re look­ing to meet some­one like-minded, visit soul­mates. the­

James, 28, ac­count man­ager

Max, 24, pub­li­cist

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