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I’ve fallen for the new-gen jelly mois­turis­ers

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I con­fess I was ini­tially snippy about the craze for jelly-tex­tured mois­turis­ers, mainly be­cause I felt I’d been here be­fore. The first wave of mois­ture gels in­vari­ably com­bined sil­i­cone that peeled off the face with high lev­els of al­co­hol that stripped it dry. I couldn’t see the point in tak­ing what was essen­tially a crap serum and call­ing it a mois­turiser when both prod­ucts are al­ready per­fectly fit for pur­pose. But as I be­gan play­ing with the new gen­er­a­tion of jel­lies, I quite lit­er­ally soft­ened.

Th­ese Korean-skin­care in­spired jel­lies are much bet­ter and finer-tex­tured, and while they’re un­likely to en­ter my own rou­tine per­ma­nently, they do an­swer the prayers of many an oily or com­bi­na­tion per­son. They’re also ter­rific for women ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the hot flashes, rosacea and in­creased oili­ness so com­mon in menopause, be­cause they ap­ply wa­ter-sol­u­ble hy­drat­ing in­gre­di­ents with­out any grease, and feel cool and weight­less – a tall glass of iced wa­ter for the more ma­ture face, if you will. Shi­seido’s ex­cel­lent Waso Clear Mega Hy­drat­ing Cream

(£32, 50ml), for ex­am­ple – de­signed for mil­len­ni­als, but adored by my friends for its in­stantly cool­ing, plump­ing and smooth­ing ef­fect and en­dur­ingly moist fin­ish. Clin­ique, well known for its ex­cel­lent gel-tex­tured Mois­ture Surge fran­chise, has re­cently ex­tended the idea to Dra­mat­i­cally Dif­fer­ent Hy­drat­ing Jelly (£31 – great value for a whop­ping 125ml). This has a cool­ing, jelly-to-liq­uid tex­ture and con­tains hyaluronic acid (as ev­ery prod­uct here does) to help re­tain wa­ter. Oily and hor­monal skins (at ei­ther end of the gen­er­a­tional spec­trum) should en­joy wear­ing it ap­plied straight over serum, be­fore makeup.

The best bar­gain jelly I’ve found is Garnier’s Sk­i­n­ac­tive 3 in 1 Hy­drat­ing Aloe Wa­ter Jelly

(£12.99, 150ml). As a mois­turiser, the gel smoothes away to noth­ing. For a quick hy­drat­ing face mask, layer on more thickly and leave for a while. In ei­ther case, skin is left plumper and perkier. My favourite of all was, an­noy­ingly, the dear­est – but only be­cause it seemed to of­fer in­creased hy­dra­tion to parched skins such as mine. Mu­rad’s Nu­tri­ent-Charged Wa­ter Gel (£50, 50ml) has a sub­lime tex­ture – light, non-greasy, pleas­antly chill­ing and com­fort­ing – and of­fered such a last­ing hit of mois­ture that I fi­nally think I’m ready for this jelly

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