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Will Floyd and Gil­lian hit it off ?

I was con­sid­er­ing a kiss, but a tourist asked me for direc­tions He thinks I’ve got a warped sense of hu­mour

Floyd, 30, teacher and an­i­mal tamer

What were you hop­ing for? or r?

A woman who was ei­ther r re­ally nice or such a dis­as­ter ste er that it was comedic gold. Luck­ily, it was the for­mer. r.

First im­pres­sions?

She turned up 10 min­utes s late. As some­one who hasn’t asn n’t been on time since 1987,

I was in­stantly im­pressed. d.

What did you talk about? ?

The im­por­tance of be­ing a de­cent hu­man be­ing.

Any awk­ward mo­ments? ?

Gil­lian once worked on a cruise ship and I blurted ou out, ut, “What woman wouldn’t wa want ant to work with lots of sea­men.” en n.”

Good ta­ble man­ners?

Ex­cel­lent. She fin­ished all ll her greens.

Best thing about Gil­lian? ?

Her car­ing na­ture. I get the he e feel­ing Gil­lian is one of those ho ose awe­some peo­ple who can­not nn not see their own awe­some­ness. nes ss.

Would you in­tro­duce her r to your friends?

She’d be wel­comed with open arms.

De­scribe her in three words rd ds

Fiery, kind, joy­ful.

What do you think she ma made ade of you?

A slightly paler James Bond. on d.

Did you go on some­where? re? ?

For cock­tails.

And... did you kiss?

Sadly not. I was cer­tainly y con­sid­er­ing it, but at that t mo­ment a tourist came ask­ing for direc­tions. Clas­sic. ass sic.

If you could change one thing about the evening, , what would it be?

If there is a next time

I will sug­gest some­where e more re­laxed.

Marks out of 10?


Would you meet again?

Yes. Def­i­nitely.

Gil­lian, 38, vi­o­lin­ist

What were you hop­ing for?

Ger­ard But­ler.

First im­pres­sions?

He was con­fi­dent, and for­giv­ing about my tar­di­ness.

What did you talk about?

Teach­ing chil­dren with spe­cial needs, scars from dog at­tacks, snack packs.

Any awk­ward mo­ments?

Con­ver­sa­tion flowed well.

Good ta­ble man­ners?

Very good.

Best thing about Floyd?

His open­ness, and he kept me laugh­ing all night.

Would you in­tro­duce him to your friends?

They’d en­joy his com­pany as much as I did.

De­scribe him in three words

Charis­matic, car­ing, funny.

What do you think he made of you?

Slightly out of the box, with a warped sense of hu­mour.

Did you go on some­where?

Yes. High five for stay­ing un­til clos­ing time, twice!

And... did you kiss?

A dou­ble peck on the cheek.

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?

A tourist ask­ing for direc­tions just as my bus ar­rived meant I didn’t get to ask for his num­ber.

Marks out of 10?

A solid 9.99.

Would you meet again?

The date was great craic, so why not? Gil­lian and Floyd ate at Searcys at the Gherkin, Lon­don EC3, Fancy a blind date? Email­ If you’re look­ing to meet some­one like-minded, visit soul­mates.the­

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