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Find the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion: ABLACTATION

a) steal­ing milk from doorsteps b) wean­ing c) the bub­bling up of cloud d) be­fud­dle­ment


Each as­ter­isk rep­re­sents a miss­ing let­ter. Iden­tify the word: *O*P*I*N*E

E Pluribus Unum

Re­ar­range the let­ters of CLAVIERS to make a sin­gle word.

Same Dif­fer­ence

Iden­tify the two words, which dif­fers only in the let­ter shown: S***** (not wob­bly …) ***** (… ar­ti­cle of fur­ni­ture)

Miss­ing Links

Find a word that fol­lows the first word in the clue and pre­cedes the sec­ond, in each case mak­ing a fresh word or phrase. Eg the an­swer to fish mix could be cake (fish­cake & cake mix) ... a) gang ship b) spark hole c) egg cross­ing d) not pick e) fail guard f) high jet

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