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1 Any word can be writ­ten as a let­ter pyra­mid, as has been done here with the word PYRA­MID. In gen­eral, if a word has n let­ters, how many ways are there of spell­ing it out start­ing at the apex and pro­ceed­ing all the way down to a let­ter in the base? With each move you may only move from the let­ter you are on to the next let­ter by go­ing to the let­ter slightly to the left or slightly to the right in the level im­me­di­ately be­low. How many ways for the word PYRA­MID?

2 Not ev­ery n-let­ter word can be writ­ten as a word rhom­bus. What are the re­stric­tions on n? How many ways of spell­ing out RHOM­BUS? How many ways are there of writ­ing such a word if it con­tains n let­ters (the rules of tran­si­tion be­ing the same as in the pre­vi­ous ques­tion)?

3 Word­pool

Find the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion: ACCIPITRINE a) hawk-like b) ac­cept­ing c) cap­i­tal d) sur­rep­ti­tious

4 Same Dif­fer­ence

Iden­tify these words that dif­fer only in the let­ters shown: **** (turn...) ****E (... back)

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