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PHIL MILLER ARTS 1) Whichlow-bud­get Scot­tish­film set in Glas­gow’s high rises won awards at Cannes, the Scot­tish Baf­tas and the In­de­pen­dent Fil­mAwards? A. White­craigs B. Black­hill C. Red Road 2) What is the phrase be­ing used by the Ed­in­burgh­Fes­ti­vals to de­scribe their grow­ing num­ber of com­peti­tors in theUKandabroad? A. TheWandering Hands B. The Thun­der­ing Hooves C. The Ly­ing Eyes 3) Which saint has Peter How­son, the Scot­tish painter, fo­cuse­donin his latest ex­hi­bi­tion? A. St Andrew B. St Jude C. St Mir­ren 4) Which theatre com­pa­nies bat­tled against the Scot­tish Arts Coun­cil this year af­ter their fund­ing was cut? A. 7:84 and Border­line B. Theatre Royal and the King’s Theatre C. Tron Theatre and the Cit­i­zens 5) Which­lead­ing art col­lec­tor and dealer is sell­ing his huge­mod­ern art col­lec­tion to Scot­lan­dandLon­don? A. Charles Saachi B. An­thony d’Of­fay C. Tom Hunter 6) Which­lead­ing mu­sic venue sud­denly an­nouncedit will have to close for a year, mak­ing theRSNO home­less? A. The Usher Hall in Ed­in­burgh B. King Tut’s Wah­Wah Hut in Glas­gow C. The As­sem­bly Rooms in Ed­in­burgh 7) TheTramway in Glas­gow is to be the new head­quar­ters of which per­form­ing arts com­pany? A. Scot­tish Opera B. The Scot­tish Ensem­ble C. Scot­tish Bal­let

ROCK/POP 8) WhichGlas­gow­based band split af­ter a farewell tour and re­leas­ing a ret­ro­spec­tive called ‘TenYears of­Tears’? A. Mog­wai B. Arab Strap C. The Del­ga­dos

JOHNWIL­LIAMSON 9) Whi­chof th­ese rock stars did not turn their hand to re­leas­ing a clas­si­calal­bum dur­ing 2006? A. Bri­anWil­son B. Sting C. Paul McCart­ney 14) Who re­leasedanal­bu­mofPete Seeger songs in 2006? A. Bob Dylan B. Bruce Spring­steen C. Billy Bragg 10) Beth Ditto toppedNME’s Cool List this year. Which­band­does she front? A. The Gos­sip B. Yeah Yeah Yeahs C. The Long Blondes 11) Girls Aloud­have­marked their fifth an­niver­sary by re­leas­ing a cover of I ThinkWe’reAloneNow. Whi­chof th­ese was the first to have a hit with it? A. Lene Lovich B. Tif­fany C. Tommy James and the Shon­dells 12) Whichac­tress has been record­ing anal­bu­mofTomWaits’ songs for re­leasenext year? A. Scar­lett Jo­hans­son B. Lind­say Lo­han C. Is­abelle Ad­jani 13) Who­came­back from­mu­si­cal re­tire­ment with­anal­bum­called King­domCome? A. Mark King B. Jay-Z C. Cliff Richard

MARYBREN­NAN DANCE 15) What Lordof theDance had to step out of the lime­light be­cause of ill­ness? A. Joaquin Cortes B. Michael Flat­ley C. Car­los Acosta 16) Sir Brian McMaster in­cluded more than just classical bal­let or con­tem­po­rary dance in­his fi­nal sea­son as di­rec­tor of the Ed­in­burgh In­ter­na­tion­alFes­ti­val. What did­healso pro­gramme? A. Tango from Ar­gentina B. Fla­menco from Spain C. Hip hop from Brazil 17) Chan­nel 4 screeneda doc­u­men­tary se­ries calledBal­let ChangedMy Life. Which­dance com­pany chal­lenged­dozens of dis­af­fected teenagers to take class, learn steps and then ap­pear on stage ina pro­duc­tion of RomeoandJuliet? A. North­ern Bal­let Theatre B. Birm­ing­ham Royal Bal­let C. English Na­tional Bal­let 18) Chore­og­ra­pher Michael Clark wowedTramway au­di­ences with his in­ter­pre­ta­tion of Stravin­sky’s Apollo. What was it called? A. Oo-er B. Oh my C. O 19) Amer­i­can drag di­vaRichardMove was ahit dur­ing Glas­gay with his in­car­na­tion of adance icon. Whi­chone? A. Anna Pavlova B. Martha Gra­ham C. Ginger Rogers

MICHAELTUMELTY CLASSICAL 20) AnAberdeen-born singer, who has per­formed to such lu­mi­nar­ies as Hughie GreenandSyd­ney Devine, addedan­other notch to her vo­cal chords this sum­mer when she sang with Sir Si­mon Rat­tle in a top Euro­pean fes­ti­val. Whois she? A. Sheena Eas­ton B. Lisa Milne C. Lulu 21) WhichShet­tle­ston-born­mu­si­cian, whose­most re­cent work in­cludes writ­ing the sound­track for Oliver Stone’s filmWorldTradeCen­ter, is the­first-call com­poser for many top Hol­ly­wood direc­tors? A. Paul Buchanan B. Craig Arm­strong C. David McVicar 22) Whois theAyr­shire vi­o­lin­ist who re­cently signed a lu­cra­tive record­ing con­tract with a top la­bel? A. Tas­min Lit­tle B. James MacMil­lan C. Ni­cola Benedetti 23) Scot­land’s most cel­e­brated in­ter­na­tional pi­anist hails from Lin­lith­gow. Whois he? A. John Lill B. Peter Dono­hoe C. Steven Os­borne 24) Sir Charles Mack­er­ras, at this year’s Ed­in­burgh­Fes­ti­val, con­ducted a se­ries of con­certs fea­tur­ing all nine sym­phonies by which com­poser? A. Bruck­ner B. Beethoven C. Dvo­rak 25) Whois the new mu­sic di­rec­tor of theRoyal Scot­tish Na­tional Orches­tra? A. Ilan Volkov B. Stephane Den­eve C. Garry Walker THEATRE 26) Which­hit play pro­ducedby The Na­tional Theatre of­S­cot­land


used a fa­mous Scot­tish reg­i­ment as its sub­ject? A. Night­watch B. Weight Watch C. Black­Watch 27) Ac­tor Li­amBren­nan took lead roles in two ma­jor pro­duc­tions this year. One was Tales From Hol­ly­wood at Perth Theatre. The other, at the Cit­i­zens’ Theatre, was by Ger­man play­wright Franz Xavier Kroetz, and was called Tom–? A. Thumb B. Fool C. Cruise 28) Site spe­cific ex­perts Grid Iron took over Ed­in­burghAir­port for a ma­jor pro­duc­tion ear­lier this year. What was it called? A. Home B. Roam C. Rome 29) TheTra­verse Theatre­be­gana new multi-arts fes­ti­val this au­tumn, which pro­grammed young theatre com­pa­nies along­side mu­si­cand vis­ual art. What was it called? A. Cubed B. Nude C. Tetra­he­dron 30) Sus­pect Cul­ture’s the Es­capol­o­gist took in­ci­dents from the life of which pur­veyor of wrig­gling out of things? A. Harry Hou­dini B. Harriet Har­man C. Harry And Cosh BOOKS 31) Nov­el­ist Ian McEwan was re­cently ac­cused of­pla­gia­ris­ing the work of which of the fol­low­ing? A. A para­chute jumper B. A brain sur­geon C. A wartime nurse

ROSEMARYGORING 32) Ki­ranDe­sai, who won the­Man Booker prize, wrote her win­ning nov­el­TheIn­her­i­tance of Loss while do­ing what? A. Work­ing as a croupier B. Liv­ing like a recluse C. Act­ing as a sherpa 33) The­life of Thomas Glover, the hero of Alan Spence’s novel TheP­ure Land, was im­mor­talised in which opera? A. The Mikado B. Aida C. Madame But­ter­fly 34) John Updike’s re­cent novel was ahuge­pop­u­lar suc­cess de­spite crit­ics’ reser­va­tions. What was it about? A. A sui­cide bomber B. A sex ther­a­pist C. A sax­o­phon­ist 35) DameMuriel Spark, who died this year, first came to fame when she won a com­pe­ti­tion in the Ob­server with a short story called... A. The Girls of Slen­der Means B. A Far Cry from Botswana C. The Ser­aph and the Zambesi CIN­EMA 36) Which­film won thebest pic­ture Os­car? A. Good Night, and Good Luck B. Crash C. Broke­back­Moun­tain

ALISONROWATANDALISONKERR 37) What was thenameof the agent who­broke the new Mr Bond's heart? A. Vis­per Soflay B. Vonta Dance C. Ves­per Lynd

Q49 38) Lex Luthor was mem­o­rably por­trayedby GeneHack­manin the orig­i­nalSu­per­man­movie. But who played­himin this year’s Su­per­manRe­turns? A. Kevin Spacey B. Spencer Tracey C. Kevin Ba­con 39) Film­mak­ers this year con­tin­ued to plun­der the 1970s for ideas for re­makes in 2006. Which1970s movie wasn’t re-made this year? A. TheWicker Man B. The Omen C. An­nie Hall 40) Sev­eral of this year’s movies re­united stars and par­tic­u­lar direc­tors with whom they had suc­cess­fully worked­be­fore. Which of the fol­low­ing teams were work­ing to­gether for the­first time? A. Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Cop­pola, Marie An­toinette B. Scar­lett Jo­hans­son and Brian de Palma, The Black Dahlia C. Leonardo Di Caprio and Martin Scors­ese, The De­parted 41) Ni­co­las Cage played the ti­tle char­ac­ter inTheWeather Man this year. But which of the fol­low­ing ac­tors hasn’t playedaTV weather pre­sen­ter? A. Bil­lMur­ray B. Woody Allen C. Ni­cole Kid­man 44) Which­pooch won the cov­eted PalmDo­gat Cannes? A. Mops (Marie An­toinette) B. Schu­mann (Ping­pong) C. Lassie (Lassie Come Home) 45) Which­box of­fice topgun split fromhis stu­dio? A. Leonardo DiCaprio B. Matt Da­mon C. Tom Cruise

KEITHBRUCE 42) Ac­cord­ing to the ti­tle of which ea­gerly awaited­movie about the fash­ion biz, which de­signer la­bel does thedevil wear? A. Gucci B. Pucci C. Prada 43) Whobe­cameTheQueenof Hearts? A. He­len Mir­ren B. Judi Dench C. JulieWal­ters 49) Singer Paolo Nu­tini ap­peare­dat New York’s Carnegie Hall at who­sein­vi­ta­tion? A. Liza Minnelli B. Ah­met Erte­gun C. Rudi Gi­u­liani 50) 2006 was the 50th an­niver­sary of which ground-break­ing stage play? A. Wait­ing for Godot B. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof C. Look Back in Anger

An­swers on page 18 ANDFINALLY… 46) In An­thony Neil­son’s play Re­al­ism at the Ed­in­burgh Fes­ti­val, Paul Blair's scene-steal­ing role was as a cat called: A. McCav­ity B. Gal­loway C. Tid­dles 47) Af­ter a year as the tabloids’ favourite hell­raiser, Pete Do­herty apol­o­gised to: A. KateMoss B. Carl Barat C. The peo­ple Aberdeen 48) What is the link be­tweenAl­fred Hitch­cock, Zine­dine Zi­dane andJohnFord? A. Douglas Gor­don B. Catherine Deneuve C. Firearms








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