Aloo bhu­jia with hal­loumni and egg

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Serves 2-3 IN­GRE­DI­ENTS:

•3 tbsp sun­flower oil

•1 red onion, finely chopped

•1cm (½ inch) piece gin­ger, grated

•2 gar­lic cloves, crushed

•1 tsp cumin seeds

•1 tsp kalonji (nigella seeds)

•2 tbsp dried me­thi (fenu­greek leaves)

•3 medium toma­toes, roughly chopped

•¾ tsp sea salt

•½ tsp ground turmeric

•¾ tsp red chilli pow­der

•250g new po­ta­toes, peeled and cut into 1cm (½-inch) squares

•250ml wa­ter

•1/2 tbsp ghee

•2 eggs

•half-pack hal­loumi cheese, chopped into inch-size pieces, pan-fried un­til brown

•1 tsp chaat masala

To gar­nish:

•A hand­ful co­rian­der leaves, chopped

•1 tbsp dill, chopped


First make the aloo bhu­jia:

1. Heat the oil in a saucepan (with the lid on). When hot, add the onion, gin­ger and gar­lic and cook over a high heat for 5-7 min­utes, or un­til the onion is golden brown.

2. Add the cumin, kalonji, dried me­thi leaves, toma­toes, salt, turmeric and chilli pow­der, then re­duce the heat.

Mix well and keep stir­ring as you cook for about 10 min­utes, or un­til the oil rises to the sur­face and the toma­toes are soft.

3. Add the po­ta­toes and wa­ter, stir and in­crease the heat to medium. Cover the pan with the lid and cook for 10-12 min­utes, or un­til the po­ta­toes are ten­der and the wa­ter has evap­o­rated. Turn off heat and set aside.


1. In a cast iron fry­ing pan (big enough to fit the po­ta­toes), place the po­ta­toes to­gether with the ghee. Heat and let the ghee melt. Mix in the browned hal­loumi cheese cubes.

2. Crack eggs on top of the po­ta­toes and hal­loumi and place un­der the hot grill. Let this cook for about 3-5 min­utes on high, un­til the eggs set.

3. Serve hot with a gar­nish­ing of sprin­kled chaat masala and chopped co­rian­der leaves.

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