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Sharply writ­ten, beau­ti­fully di­rected, lit­tered with un­ex­pected de­tails, and boast­ing a cast fir­ing on all cylin­ders in ev­ery role, this ex­cel­lent thriller is one of the best and most rel­e­vant se­ries Bri­tish TV has pro­duced in re­cent years. Hav­ing been co­erced into co-op­er­at­ing with counter-ter­ror­ism cops Gabe (Paddy Con­si­dine) and Holly (Bel Pow­ley), Raza (Nab­haan Rizwan) is thrown into the deep end when he’s or­dered to get close to Dadir (Roger Jean Nsen­giyumva), who he pre­vi­ously met in po­lice cells. But there are two things Raza doesn’t know: Dadir is the brother of Gabe’s other in­for­mant Yousef – and Gabe and Holly have just found Yousef mur­dered.

So a new face on Dadir’s patch is hardly go­ing to be wel­comed with open arms. Mean­while, we learn more of Gabe’s trou­bling past.

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