Catholic Church needs to recog­nise the ex­is­tence of trans­gen­der peo­ple

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AN­THONY Horan of the Scot­tish Catholic Par­lia­men­tary Of­fice has mis­un­der­stood the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment’s pro­pos­als on re­form of the Gen­der Recog­ni­tion Act (“Catholic Church: Al­low­ing chil­dren to swap gen­der is deeply dis­turb­ing”, The Her­ald, Novem­ber 14). The clue is in the word “recog­ni­tion”.

This is not about al­low­ing young peo­ple to “pur­sue a gen­der change”; it is about recog­nis­ing the gen­der that they al­ready are. The Catholic Church lead­er­ship may not like it, but trans peo­ple ex­ist, and their gen­der iden­tity does not match the sex they were as­sumed to be on the ba­sis of the ap­pear­ance of their gen­i­talia at birth.

We would ask Mr Horan to con­sider what his life would have been like as a young per­son if all those around him had in­sisted that he was re­ally a girl, and on treat­ing him as such, when of course he knew he was a boy. No doubt he’d agree that would have been pretty un­bear­able. That’s what life is like for a young trans per­son, with­out the ac­cep­tance that comes with em­pa­thy and un­der­stand­ing of their sit­u­a­tion.

Tim Hop­kins,

Equal­ity Net­work,

30 Bernard Street, Ed­in­burgh.

I AGREE whole­heart­edly with An­thony Horan of the Catholic Par­lia­men­tary Of­fice who says moves to make it easier for young peo­ple to change their gen­der are deeply.

Why does our cul­ture con­tort it­self to jus­tify and ac­com­mo­date some­thing that is so des­per­ately ab­surd and so egre­giously harm­ful to every­one in­volved? Per­haps be­cause trans­gen­derism puts feel­ings above all. In a world where a per­son can re­ject his bi­ol­ogy in favour or of his lust and his emo­tions, the in­di­vid­ual reigns supreme. My self-iden­tity trumps my ac­tual iden­tity. Re­al­ity be­comes sub­servient to de­sire. This is the key.

It is, more than any other rea­son, why our cul­ture has taken up the trans­gen­der ban­ner and fights so ruth­lessly to pro­tect it. In trans­gen­derism, man achieves his fi­nal vic­tory over truth and truth’s God.

No longer do we de­clare with con­fi­dence, “I am…” We don’t want to be so con­fined and pi­geon­holed. In­stead we say, “I iden­tify as…” What we iden­tify with has taken the place of what we are. In the process, all forms of iden­tity – ev­ery de­lin­eation and distinc­tion that de­fines us and dis­tin­guishes us from every­one else – have be­gun to dis­in­te­grate.

I have no real con­fi­dence that, as a cul­ture, we’ll choose truth. How­ever, if it’s ever go­ing to hap­pen, now’s the time. Liberals have made it clear that they in­tend to fi­nally and cat­e­gor­i­cally re­ject and out­law re­al­ity it­self. Now the ques­tion is: will the rest of us stand up and do any­thing about it?

Martin Con­roy, 2 The Or­chard, Cock­burnspath, Ber­wick­shire.

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