A ‘Larry David mo­ment’ — which wins a DVD set

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his week’s cringe­wor­thy en­counter, in­spired by “Curb Your En­thu­si­asm” (on More4), comes from JC reader Con­nie Stan­ton.

“We were just about to go to bed when all the lights went out. A power cut, we thought, but all the street lights were still on. We went to the cup­board un­der the stairs and checked fuse box. There was no prob­lem there, so we re­alised that it some­thing must have gone wrong with the main fuse, which only the elec­tric­ity com­pany can ac­cess.

“I tele­phoned the emer­gency elec­tric­ity ser­vice, who told me that some­one would call round the next day to fix the main fuse. I then told them that I could smell smoul­der­ing from the vicin­ity of the wooden board that the fuse box was at­tached to.

“‘That’s OK,’ they said, ‘just turn the elec­tric­ity off at the mains.’ We did this, but of course we could still smell smoul­der­ing.

“The next best thing, we thought, was to called the fire brigade. I di­aled 999 and when I got through ex­plained that it was not a dire emer­gency, so could they just pos­si­bly send some­one, per­haps on a bi­cy­cle from the lo­cal fire sta­tion just down the road, to check that it would be safe for us to go to bed.

“Soon we saw a blue light flash­ing out­side the house. I opened the front door so that there would be no need for the front door bell to be rung and

Em­bar­rassed? Larry David would un­der­stand start the dog bark­ing and wake all the neigh­bours. There I en­coun­tered six of the largest fire­men imag­in­able, in full fire-fight­ing gear — hel­mets, breath­ing ap­pa­ra­tus, the lot — walk­ing to­wards me.

“In my sur­prised state, I blurted out: ‘I only wanted one of you!’

“The star­tled re­ac­tion of the lead fire­man was ob­vi­ous as he cast his eyes over me stand­ing there in my dress­ing gown. What was pass­ing through his mind was equally ob­vi­ous — ‘Oh no, it’s an­other of those strange women.’ I wished the ground would open un­der me.”

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