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The Is­rael­lycool blog smells a rat over a new “re­sis­tance” per­fume from Le­banon “A new per­fume car­ry­ing the ‘scent of re­sis­tance’ and cel­e­brat­ing Hizbol­lah’s ‘divine vic­tory’ has been re­leased on the mar­ket in Le­banon, ac­cord­ing to a re­port which ap­peared in the Le­banese Daily Star last week. ‘If you’ve ever won­dered what re­sis­tance smells like, then try a dab of Re­sis­tance Per­fume, which comes ex­clu­sively with a po­lit­i­cal mes­sage and a pic­ture of Hizbol­lah’s sec­re­tary gen­eral, Sayyed Has­san Nas­ral­lah,’ the Daily Star ar­ti­cle said. ‘Ap­par­ently, the scent of re­sis­tance is a strong and musky one that comes with a sin­gle pledge — a truth­ful one.’ A slo­gan on the per­fume box, quot­ing Nas­ral­lah dur­ing a wartime speech made over the sum­mer reads: ‘You are the truth­ful prom­ise... and I have great faith in you and I prom­ise you divine vic­tory.’ But if you re­ally want a ‘per­fume’ that sym­bol­ises Hizbol­lah and other ter­ror­ist or­gan­i­sa­tions, and which con­tains a strong smell rep­re­sent­ing their pledges, there’s a cheaper al­ter­na­tive. Cow ma­nure.” http://www.is­rael­lycool. com/ On the JC’s own blog, up­dated through the week at www.thejc.com, Jeff Barak num­ber-crunches Is­rael’s latest sta­tis­tics “As is tra­di­tional at this time of year, Is­rael’s Cen­tral Bureau of Sta­tis­tics has re­leased its pop­u­la­tion fig­ures for 2006. Out of the coun­try’s pop­u­la­tion of 7.1 mil­lion peo­ple, 76 per cent (5,393,600) are Jewish, 20 per cent (1,413,500) are Arab and four per cent (309,100) are clas­si­fied as ‘other,’ pre­sum­ably non-Jewish Rus­sians who came to Is­rael and re­ceived cit­i­zen­ship un­der the Law of Re­turn. But the re­ally in­ter­est­ing fig­ures are to be found in Is­rael’s macro-eco­nomic indicators. De­spite the Le­banon war, Is­rael’s econ­omy is boom­ing. Eco­nomic growth for 2006 reached 4.8 per cent, higher than most west­ern economies. Un­em­ploy­ment has dropped from 10.7 per cent in 2003 to 8.5 per cent while, for the first time in Is­rael’s his­tory, there’s a sur­plus ($2.2 bil­lion) in the bal­ance of pay­ments. Is­rael also en­joyed $20 bil­lion of for­eign in­vest­ment [and] the cen­tral-bank in­ter­est rate is lower than that of Amer­ica’s... While it is cer­tainly true that th­ese re­forms have moved the econ­omy for­ward, they have cre­ated an­other prob­lem — the ever-grow­ing gap be­tween Is­rael’s haves and have-nots.” http://www.thejc.com On the Jerusalem Post web­site, stu­dent blog­ger David Wainer writes about his love af­fair with Is­rael “If there is one as­pect of a nice Jewish boy’s lifestyle that is dras­ti­cally altered when­ever he sets foot in Is­rael, it is that of his dat­ing scene. A nice, sub­ur­ban Jewish boy grow­ing up in a South Florida neigh­bor­hood is al­ways on the lookout for a nice Jewish girl. The Amer­i­can Jewish boy in an Is­rael tour trip is like a rookie NBA player who just came into his first mil­lion- dol­lar cheque; he is paral­ysed by the enor­mity of his op­tions. He’s hit gold, the [girls are] all Jewish. The se­cu­rity girl is Jewish, the wait­ress is Jewish, the madricha is Jewish, even the McDon­ald’s ven­dor is Jewish. Is­rael to him now be­comes a huge Jewish camp.” http://blog­cen­tral.jpost.com

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