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Solve our Shab­bat-friendly cross­word. Writ­ing is not re­quired — just use your Scrab­ble board and tiles to spell out the an­swers to the cryp­tic clues. HOW Use the let­ter tiles from the game of Scrab­ble to spell out the an­swers to the clues be­low. Do not use the two blank tiles. Place the tiles on the Scrab­ble board ac­cord­ing to the grid ref­er­ences given with the clues. If you suc­cess­fully com­plete the puzzle, you will have used all 98 tiles.

Work shy but may ski very eas­ily. (6) Con­sider pur­chas­ing a prop. (5) A ruf­fian’s force. (5) A ju­nior rel­a­tive takes a trip. (5) A dar­ling bless­ing. (5) There­upon the hea­then is fin­ished. (4) Nine times out of ten. (5) I care for Heather. (5) Pre­pare the chosan. (5) A lucky wo­man. (4) Pos­sess it now. (3) Long­ing for this cur­rency. (3) Mag­a­zine al­ways in fash­ion. (5) The card game al­most blew it.


A lit­tle walk-on part. (3) An ex­ceed­ingly good writer. (7) Hurry to plant it. (4) Shake a mu­si­cal note. (6) At work, not on a frozen pond. (6)

An­glo-Saxon man­u­script found in Devon. (6) Not the goal of a crim­i­nal. (4) It’s odd in New York to find a bell ringer. (5)

Gold­smith’s fa­ther lived in Wake­field. (5) A light weight wizard. (2) Pe­cu­liar that it’s up North in Ire­land. (4)

She was made noth­ing like it.



Leg lost in a climb­ing ac­ci­dent.

Lean on the cat­a­logue. (4)

An­swers next week AN­SWERS SCRAB­BLE

SHAB­BAT Across: Ivy, Osiris, Flat, Wagon, Keep, Emmy, Tu­tor, Squall, Nap, In­nate, Bog, Acre, Whet, Found, Ori­gin, Dee Down: Fives, Skye, Mozart, Roger, Sph­ynx, Since, Brain, Leaf, Jog, Rat­tle, Band, Guide

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