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In her first in­ter­view, on the Pales­tinian Ma’an News Agency, Amal, the wife of Prime Min­is­ter Is­mael Haniyeh, de­scribes life with a Ha­mas leader “Ev­ery time I heard air­planes fly­ing over Gaza, I would ex­pect to hear the news of my hus­band’s death. Of course, part­ing would be dif­fi­cult, but the course of his life, the hard­ships he en­dured and ev­ery­thing that hap­pened in my life with him has pre­pared me to ex­pect ei­ther mar­tyr­dom or vic­tory or for life to con­tinue as it has been. Still, I wish mar­tyr­dom for him just as I wish it for my­self... I have never seen such love for a prime min­is­ter like I saw for my hus­band from Mus­lim peo­ples. This was ap­par­ent in Mecca when the pil­grims pushed and shoved in or­der to greet him and take pic­tures near him, pledg­ing their sup­port for him. I heard some­one say Ha­mas’s vic­tory brought pride to the en­tire Mus­lim na­tion and gave hope and en­cour­age­ment to other na­tions to ex­press their opin­ions.” (Source: Ma’an News Agency web­site, Beth­le­hem, in Ara­bic, Jan­uary 10) The edi­to­rial of Ira­nian news­pa­per Key­han is cheered by what it sees as a dis­as­trous year for the United States and its al­lies “Once again, a re­view of the course of events in 2006: the death of Sharon, the re­sump­tion of Iran’s nu­clear ac­tiv­i­ties, the vic­tory of Ha­mas in the elec­tion, the de­feat of Amer­ica’s al­lies in Bri­tain, Italy, and Latin Amer­ica — as well as in Amer­ica it­self — the Abu Ghraib prison scan­dal and the sub­se­quent clo­sure of this prison, Is­rael’s de­feat in its 33-day in­va­sion of Le­banon, and so forth, and fi­nally the ex­e­cu­tion of Sad­dam. Which year has ever been this un­for­tu­nate and night­mar­ish for the ar­ro­gant pow­ers?!... The day of the cel­e­bra­tion of the un­der­priv­i­leged and the re­venge of the op­pressed against the op­pres­sors is not far, God will­ing, be­cause its morn­ing twi­light has al­ready ar­rived.” (Source: Key­han, in Per­sian, Jan­uary 2) How­ever, Egyp­tian-born cleric Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi is more neg­a­tive “In this year, 2006, our losses are greater than our prof­its on the in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal lev­els... Should I speak about the mother of is­sues, the great­est and piv­otal is­sue, the is­sue of the land of the night jour­ney and the as­cen­sion, the is­sue of Al-Aqsa, the is­sue of Pales­tine?... The Pales­tinian kills his brother Pales­tinian! O brethren in Pales­tine, O brethren in Fatah. O brethren in Ha­mas: I ap­peal to you to stop the blood­shed. It is taboo, taboo and taboo to spill a drop of Pales­tinian blood with a Pales­tinian bul­let. All bul­lets and all arms must be di­rected at the en­emy, who does not have mercy on you.” (Source: Qatar TV, in Ara­bic, Jan­uary 5) Above items sourced and trans­lated by BBC Mon­i­tor­ing (www.mon­i­ ©BBC

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