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On the JC’s own blog, up­dated through the week, Jeff Barak wit­nesses set­tler vi­o­lence on­line “Aside from high­light­ing prat­falls and pop videos, the YouTube web­site does have a se­ri­ous side. Hu­man­rights ob­servers and Pales­tinian res­i­dents in He­bron, for ex­am­ple, have filmed the vi­o­lent an­tics of set­tler chil­dren... Is­rael’s Chan­nel 10 television pub­lished th­ese films last week... The short videos are chill­ing, mak­ing one won­der about the wis­dom of al­low­ing Jewish set­tle­ment in He­bron. As Prime Min­is­ter Ehud Olmert told the cabi­net: ‘When I saw th­ese pic­tures on the TV, I was ashamed.’” www.thejc.com Dave from the Is­rael at Level Ground­blog shares his recipe for a happy Fri­day “The chef (one taste and you’ll agree...) at one of my reg­u­lar stops is pre­par­ing a steam­ing hot, fresh-outof-the-oven, ‘Ramla-style’ boreka pas­try. Made with filo dough, and stuffed with cheese, pickles, a sliced egg, salt, pep­per, za’atar and topped off with tahini sauce and a dol­lop of fiery ‘schug’, (the ‘ch’ is pro­nounced as though you just swal­lowed a whole spoon­ful), this am-freakin’-brosia and the mu­sic make for se­ri­ous con­tendahs in prep­ping phys­i­cally and spir­i­tu­ally for the com­ing Sab­bath.” http://bet­ben­der.blogspot.com The Jews Con­trol­blog, whose Jew-bait­ing we as­sume is satir­i­cal, gets a sneak preview of Spi­derman 3and sees a sub­text “Why is it that ev­ery su­per­hero in comics, and for that mat­ter movies based on comics, has a Jewish al­ter ego? Let’s not pre­tend we don’t all see what’s hap­pen­ing on screen. White, nerdy, glasses, weak, whiny, al­ways think­ing: Jewish. Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, what do they all have in com­mon? They hide their real iden­tity, try­ing to as­sim­i­late with the nor­mal folk, yearn for money, and do ev­ery­thing they can to con­trol the world... Be­fore let­ting your young chil­dren view the film, please make sure to ex­plain to them the real threat of Jews, and the rea­son the su­per­heroes hide un­der a He­brew mask: they don’t want to be dis­cov­ered by the me­dia.” http://jew­s­con­trol.com/ At Jerusalem Wan­der­ings, Mum tells her daugh­ter they are meet­ing Mes­sianic Jews “‘They think dif­fer­ently about cer­tain things than you and I,’ I said, try­ing to approach this del­i­cately... ‘They be­lieve that Je­sus is the mes­siah and son of God and all that.’ ‘So,’ she an­swered, aware that they were try­ing to en­tice my daugh­ters with very cute guys, ‘why should I go out with some­one who be­lieves in Je­sus?’ Great ques­tion, kid — so now I see you are ready to face th­ese peo­ple and in­form them of your very own saviour and mes­siah which is, of course, the god of par­ties, dis­cos, DJs, pubs, etc. And then you young­sters can hash it out for your­selves.” http://jerusalem­gypsy.blogspot.com

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