Drug fear over Is­raeli pipes

The Jewish Chronicle - - NEWS - By NathaN Jeffay Manch­ester

par­entsarecon­cernedthaty­oung­sters re­turn­ing from Is­rael with wa­ter pipes meant for smok­ing fruit to­bacco are us­ing them to smoke cannabis.

the nargila is a com­mon sight in Is­raeli cafes and a pop­u­lar sou­venir for young Bri­tish vis­i­tors.

the smoke, passed through wa­ter, comes from fruit- or mint-flavoured to­bacco, heated by coals on top.

How­ever, par­ents have ap­proached the Manch­ester Jewish Fed­er­a­tion with fears that the pipes are be­ing used for other sub­stances.

as a re­sult, the Fed­er­a­tion has asked natalie Dodd from drugs coun­selling ser­vice eclypse to ad­dress a drug­saware­ness evening for par­ents.

the Fed­er­a­tion’s rochelle Bro­man said: “a lot of young­sters are bring­ing them back in in­no­cence, but there is a con­cern about what this is some­times lead­ing to. some peo­ple are find­ing that the fruit to­bacco af­ter a while does not have such an ef­fect and are go­ing on to harder things.”

Drugsline, the Lon­don-based char­ity run by Chabad, pointed out that nargi­las have been linked to mouth can­cer and other health dan­gers.

“Most young peo­ple bring nargila pipes home from over­seas vis­its in­no­cently and with­out bad in­ten­tions,” said team leader Dar­ren Gold.

“How­ever, even smok­ing fruit-flavoured to­bacco can be dam­ag­ing to the body.”

Fed­er­a­tion of Zion­ist Youth na­tional di­rec­tor Jonathan Bunt said the move­ment main­tained “a strin­gent pol­icy on smok­ing para­pher­na­lia, mak­ing it against the rules of Is­rael tours [for 16year-olds] to use them or bring them back”.

Nargila pipes are in­tended for smok­ing fruit to­bacco

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