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THERE WAS a mixed re­ac­tion from shop­pers on Gold­ers Green Road to the re­port when the JC sought views.

David Howard, 21, from Kings­bury, said: “You read all th­ese kind of things all the time and you just don’t know what to be­lieve and what not to. For me, it will have no ef­fect.”

Sharon Tan­nen, 21, from Hen­don, com­mented: “I per­son­ally don’t like meat, but if some­thing meaty was my favourite thing, I would still eat it in spite of this.”

Leon Man­son, 57, from Gold­ers Green, was in favour of the re­port’s find­ings: “I do eat vi­en­nas and wor­sht some of the time, but I try to limit how much I eat them be­cause I know how bad they are for you. I agree with the re­port 100 per cent.”

Alan Deal, 54, from Finch­ley, added: “I’m not a huge eater of those meats and so it won’t have a huge im­pact on my life. But I would ad­vise peo­ple to take it easy with pre­served meat.”

Bruni Gourlay, 63, from Hert­ford­shire, com­mented: “I would con­tinue eat­ing them, but more cau­tiously. They now feel like sweets — you have to be care­ful.”

Clau­dia Abel­heim, 24, from Gold­ers Green, added: “Th­ese days ev­ery­thing gives you can­cer. If we fol­lowed all th­ese guide­lines, what would we eat? Carrots and let­tuce?”

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