Should Gayle Kirschen­baum have a nose job? Her mum says yes. By Alex Kas­riel

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MANY JEWISH women would re­late to Gayle Kirschen­baum’s trou­bled re­la­tion­ship with both her mother and her nose.

The 53-year-old Emmy -win­ning New Yorker — who says she grew up in Long Is­land sur­rounded by Jewish Amer­i­can Princesses — has al­ways been pres­sured by her mother to “Angli­cise” her fea­tures. Hence, a 13-minute short film called My Nose — in which the film­maker and her amus­ingly di­rect mother, Mil­dred, meet plas­tic sur­geons and gar­ner public opin­ion on the mer­its of de-bump­ing her breath­ing ap­pa­ra­tus.

Her nose is not of­fen­sively big, nor is it very crooked, but com­pared to those of her school con­tem­po­raries, Kirschen­baum’s nose was, ac­cord­ing to her mother at least, mon­strous. “My mother was be­com­ing very con­cerned about the growth rate of my nose and spear­headed a cam­paign to get it done.”

Kirschen­baum, the pro­ducer of suc­cess­ful TV show Amer­ica’s Most Wanted, re­cently made a sim­i­larly in­ti­mate HBO film about her beloved ca­nine called A Dog’s Life: A Doga­men­tary. She ad­mits that she treats Mil­dred’s hurt­ful com­ments as those of a child who does not know any bet­ter. Now in her 80s and show­ing no signs of re­lent­ing, Mil­dred claims that her daugh­ter’s lack of surgery is the rea­son why she has yet to find a hus­band. “She was so con­vinced that my nose had a neg­a­tive ef­fect on my life, I just needed to make this film. I know there’s no way I can change her mind,” com­plains Kirschen­baum, adding: “She has a high thresh­old for pain, es­pe­cially when it comes to beauty. She has had her eye make-up tat­tooed on to her eyes re­cently, as well as hav­ing two facelifts.”

Clearly, this is a film which is just as much about the com­plex re­la­tion­ship be­tween mother and daugh­ter as it is about plas­tic surgery. To see My Nose on­line, go to www. kirschen­baumpro­duc­

Gayle Kirschen­baum’s nose is mon­strous, says her mother

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