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JEWISH BLOG­GERS mourn the pass­ing of Charl­ton He­ston: “To this day, when­ever I sit in syn­a­gogue and lis­ten to read­ings from the To­rah re­lat­ing to the ex­o­dus from Egypt, the Moses I see in my mind’s eye looks like a rugged young Charl­ton He­ston. Sure, I’ve learned enough since first see­ing The Ten Com­mand­ments to un­der­stand that Ce­cil B De Mille took a few lib­er­ties with the Bi­ble. So what!? He­ston’s steely por­trayal of Moses re­mains as sa­cred to me as the me­mory of those food-stained Hag­gadahs my fam­ily used at our passover Sed­ers through­out my child­hood. Some things may change with ed­u­ca­tion and ma­tu­rity, but those early ex­pe­ri­ences are al­ways hid­ing there at the back of your mind... colour­ing our ex­pe­ri­ences for the rest of our lives.” bo­ trep­pen­witz

“MUCH OF this movie is a dis­tor­tion and in one sense de­fames the great­est prophet of all time, Moshe Rabbenu. The love story in­serted is both false, ab­surd, and an out­rage. But I ad­mit this movie is one of my guilty plea­sures. First, for the most part due rev­er­ence is given to Moses. When he is not in­volved in the ridicu­lous sub-plot, he is por­trayed ex­actly the way I would think a great fig­ure like that should be… Se­condly there are the de­pic- tions of the ma­jor events of the ex­o­dus story. Those scenes are one-of-a-kind and surely not that dif­fer­ent from what re­ally hap­pened.”

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