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A MOTHER dis­cov­ers the joy of pray­ing with her tod­dler: “Ev­ery night I say the Shema with [my son]. We’ve done this nearly ev­ery night since he was born, which prob­a­bly makes it the most sus­tained in­stance of for­mal prayer in my life, ever. Some nights it is in­cred­i­bly rote. I’ll get to the end of the prayer and not even re­mem­ber the mid­dle. But on oth­ers I re­ally try to think about the words. That’s when I re­alise that I’m be­ing ed­u­cated too. The Shema is re­ally kind of a guide to be­ing a Jewish par­ent. It gives us the ul­ti­mate ex­am­ple of un­con­di­tional love (with all your heart and with your soul and with all your might). It teaches us to be con­sis­tent role mod­els of com­mit­ted Jewish liv­ing (in your home, as you go on the way). To place re­minders of our Ju­daism all around us (on our hands, be­tween our eyes). It re­minds us, most im­por­tantly, to teach it to our chil­dren, lest the chain end with us. And so, in those last mo­ments of the day as we cud­dle on the rock­ing chair and sing our Shema to­gether, we are teach­ing each other.” imashalom.blogspot. com

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