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Ruth Leveson sug­gests spend­ing a day in Sderot be­fore mak­ing the points in­cluded in the Jews for Jus­tice for Pales­tini­ans (JfJfP) ad ( Let­ters, May 9). So she will be glad to know that is ex­actly what I did in March. I spoke with Sderot res­i­dents and with stu­dents at Sap­pir col­lege where Roni Ye­hiye was trag­i­cally killed a few days ear­lier.

They ex­pressed con­tempt for the in­ef­fec­tual gov­ern­ment re­sponses. While they are mis­trust­ful of Ha­mas, they are clear that it if it means an end to the bar­rage, talk­ing to Ha­mas is a bul­let worth bit­ing. In the mean­time, the bur­den of ag­gres­sion from both Ha­mas and the in­ef­fec­tive IDF is rest­ing heav­ier and heav­ier on res­i­dents of not just Sderot, but Ashkelon, south­ern Is­rael and the Gaza Strip.

Sara King up­braids me for mis­un­der­stand­ing free speech ( Let­ters, May 9) but she has taken aim at my con­cern with all the ac­cu­racy of a blind man with a pis­tol. My point was pre­cisely that nei­ther the edi­to­rial nor the news cov­er­age ex­am­ined the mes­sages in the ad, far less held it or us to ac­count. We would wel­come such a de­bate. Dan Judel­son, JfJfP

For the record, JfJfP has al­most three times as many as ad­her­ents as Sara King thinks. But who is count­ing? Go­ing by re­cent polls our views are well rep­re­sented in Is­raeli opin­ion and rep­re­sen­ta­tive of pub­lic opin­ion in the wider world, more so any­way than those of many JC cor­re­spon­dents. Irene Bruegel, JfJfP ibruegelsbu@ya­

I would not wish to min­imise the fear and phys­i­cal in­jury suf­fered by the in­hab­i­tants of Sderot, still less to jus­tify Ha­mas’s rocket at­tacks on a civil­ian pop­u­la­tion. How­ever, I sus­pect that Gazans would be greatly re­lieved if they only had to en­dure the same level of rocket at­tack as Sderot.

Is­rael has for years un­leashed its enor­mously greater and more ac­cu­rate fire power upon the trapped and vul­ner­a­ble in­hab­i­tants of Gaza, and the toll is many times that on the Is­raeli side. Stephanie Krayer Lam­peter, Ceredi­gion, SA48

Ms Pine calls in aid Colonel Nir Press to protest that, con­trary to my claim that sanc­tions and a siege are re­duc­ing the peo­ple of Gaza to star­va­tion, it is Ha­mas who is to blame be­cause they pre­vented the de­liv­ery of fuel sup­plies in April ( Let­ters, May 9).

As an Is­raeli gov­ern­ment func­tionary, Col Press is no more an im­par­tial re­porter than is a Ha­mas of­fi­cial.

The im­par­tial sources, like UNRWA, OCHA, the NGOs work­ing in the field do not back up this state­ment.

In fact nowhere in the care­fully bal­anced re­port of John Ging, Di­rec­tor of UNRWA, is there any cor­rob­o­ra­tion of Ms Pine’s state­ments.

In essence he con­firms that no fuel has been de­liv­ered since April 10, and that “the hu­man­i­tar­ian emer­gency in Gaza is a shock­ing and shame­ful sit­u­a­tion”. Diana Neslen Cran­brook Road, Il­ford, Es­sex

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