Obama’s lib­eral Jewish fools

Amer­i­canJewsare so in­tent on vot­ing anti-Repub­li­can that they are try­ing to elect an an­tiIs­rael Demo­crat

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ARE AMER­I­CAN JEWS the equiv­a­lent of chick­ens vot­ing for Shab­bat? They have per­suaded them­selves that Barack Obama is a friend of the Jewish peo­ple, be­cause Obama put his hand on his heart and swore undy­ing friend­ship to the state of Is­rael. The fact that for 20 years he be­longed to a “black power” church whose pas­tor — and his own per­sonal spir­i­tual men­tor — was an acolyte of the Jew-hat­ing dem­a­gogue Louis Far­rakhan, and who also sup­ported Ha­mas as a re­sis­tance move­ment, is a de­tail that need not trou­ble the Jews of Los An­ge­les, Boca Ra­ton or the Up­per West Side.

The fact that Obama has said “No­body is suf­fer­ing more than the Pales­tinian peo­ple” needn’t de­tain them.

The fact that he says he would talk to the geno­ci­dal fa­nat­ics of Iran with­out pre­con­di­tions (along with the dic­ta­tors of North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela) needn’t bother them at all.

Be­cause for them, there’s only one thing that mat­ters about Obama. He’s not a Repub­li­can!

For the over­whelm­ingly Democrat­sup­port­ing Amer­i­can Jews, vot­ing for a Repub­li­can is as un­think­able as eat­ing a ham sand­wich on Yom Kip­pur. In­deed, a num­ber of them would rather eat a ham sand­wich on Yom Kip­pur, be­cause their con­vic­tion that re­li­gion is bunk and has noth­ing to do with be­ing Jewish comes sec­ond only to their con­vic­tion that Repub­li­cans are the acme of evil.

That is be­cause they think that to be Jewish is to be lib­eral in out­look. There­fore to be a Jew is to be a Demo­crat. End of story. Un­like their Bri­tish coun­ter­parts, Amer­i­can Jews haven’t be­come more con­ser­va­tive as their pros­per­ity has in­creased over the gen­er­a­tions. (This is not true of the grow­ing mi­nor­ity of mainly younger Amer­i­can Jews, who are markedly more Ortho­dox and thus, since they are rather more in tune with au­then­tic Jewish ethics such as truth, jus­tice and the dif­fer­ence be­tween right and wrong, are in­deed vot­ing Repub­li­can; but let that pass.)

Be­ing Jewish, think lib­eral Amer­i­can Jews, means show­ing that you are not prej­u­diced against mi­nori­ties. That means adopt­ing the core pre­sump­tion of “vic­tim cul­ture” that mi­nori­ties are never at fault. That means in turn that if an eth­nic or re­li­gious mi­nor­ity is prej­u­diced against you, you can’t crit­i­cise it be­cause to do so means you are prej­u­diced.

True, the fact that Obama be­longs to a kooky church makes them un­easy. The fact that he as­so­ciates with var­i­ous mafia types and nut-jobs makes them twitch a bit. The fact that he would go cap in hand to Iran and Syria makes at least some of them suck their teeth.

But they know that he must be their friend be­cause he is a Demo­crat and he is black. They know that he can­not be their en­emy be­cause they know that Pres­i­dent Bush is their en­emy.

The fact that Bush is ar­guably the great­est friend the Jewish peo­ple has ever had in the White House can­not pos­si­bly be true be­cause Bush is a Repub­li­can and there­fore can do no right.

Con­versely, Obama can do no wrong. So Amer­i­can Jews ig­nore the fact that all Obama’s for­eign-pol­icy ad­vis­ers are vet­eran Is­rael-haters. They ig­nore his long-stand­ing friend­ship with Columbia pro­fes­sor Rashid Kha­lidi.

Kha­lidi has writ­ten that Is­rael has car­ried out the “eth­nic cleans­ing” of Pales­tini­ans; that Is­rael should be re­placed by a bi-na­tional, can­tonal sys­tem for Jews and Arabs; and that sui­cide bomb­ings are a re­sponse to “Is­raeli ag­gres­sion”. Obama has said he merely had “con­ver­sa­tions” with Kha­lidi. But re­ports say the Kha­lidi and Obama fam­i­lies are long-stand­ing friends. In 2000, Kha­lidi raised funds for Obama’s failed bid for a seat in the US House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives. And ac­cord­ing to the Los An­ge­les Times, Obama said his talks with the Kha­lidis served as “con­sis­tent re­minders to me of my own blind spots and my own bi­ases… a con­ver­sa­tion that is nec­es­sary not just around Mona and Rashid’s din­ner ta­ble”, but around “this en­tire world”.

No mat­ter. All of this is sim­ply erased from the gaze of Amer­ica’s Jews in their own col­lec­tive blind spot. As a re­sult, as pro-Pales­tinian blog­ger Ali Abunimah let slip at The Elec­tronic In­tifada, Obama is play­ing them for suck­ers. Abunimah wrote that dur­ing his cam­paign for the US Se­nate, Obama told him: “‘Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Pales­tine right now, but we are in a tough pri­mary race. I’m hop­ing when things calm down I can be more up­front.’ He re­ferred to my ac­tivism, in­clud­ing col­umns I was con­tribut­ing to the Chicago Tri­bune crit­i­cal of Is­raeli and US pol­icy, ‘Keep up the good work!’”

So if, as is ex­pected, Obama wins the Demo­cratic pres­i­den­tial nom­i­na­tion, Amer­i­can Jews will vote for him and main­tain their pu­rity of soul.

Cluck cluck!

Me­lanie Phillips is a Daily Mail colum­nist

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