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Trep­pen­witz is wor­ried that his teenage daugh­ter might be get­ting in­ter­ested in boys: “The tran­si­tion from ‘lit­tle girl’ to ‘young woman’ hap­pens amaz­ingly fast… nearly overnight, it seems. And once a fa­ther no­tices a boy looking in his daugh­ter’s di­rec­tion, or worse, his daugh­ter looking back… well, sleep be­comes fleet­ing. So it was with some dis­quiet that I re­cently no­ticed that Ariella had taken up cro­chet­ing. For those who aren’t from the na­tional re­li­gious crowd, a young girl ac­quir­ing that skill can in­di­cate only one thing. Young girls in our world cro­chet kip­pot… and those kip­pot are in­tended for BOYS! Each day I watched as the kip­pah got big­ger and the pat­tern be­gan tak­ing shape, but I kept my mouth shut. How­ever, I ad­mit to tak­ing spe­cial pains to see who was watch­ing Ari when she was hang­ing around in the crowd of young peo­ple at syn­a­gogue af­ter Shab­bat ser­vices. Fi­nally, this past week I no­ticed that she’d fin­ished work­ing on the kip­pah… but it was nowhere to be seen. She’s given it to some­one! It had been far too small for me, but I also didn’t see any boys in the com­mu­nity walk­ing around wear­ing that dark blue kip­pah with the band of green de­sign around the edge… and let me tell you, I looked. Then on Fri­day night, when we got home from syn­a­gogue and it was time to bless the chil­dren, I took my son Gi­lad’s bowed head be­tween my hands and be­gan recit­ing: ‘May you be blessed like Ephraim and Me­nasheh…’ But when I opened my eyes, I found my­self star­ing down at the dark blue kip­pah Ariella had cro­cheted... sit­ting proudly on her brother’s head. Boy, am I glad I kept my mouth shut.” bo­gieworks.blogs.com/ trep­pen­witz

A com­men­ta­tor on the Trep­pen­witz blog posted this opin­ion: “Not to worry you, but we girls of­ten give our broth­ers our first at­tempt, the one we learned on so that ‘the boy’ gets one with no begin­ner mis­takes… It’s the sec­ond kip­pah you want to watch for.”

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