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Each week our nu­tri­tion­ist peers into some­one’s shop­ping trol­ley I’M A savoury rather than a sweet per­son, and I prob­a­bly eat too much meat, but I do ex­er­cise five times a week to off­set the ex­cess. Steak: I love a nice hunk of steak, par­tic­u­larly with a pep­per­corn sauce made with a drop of brandy in it. Spinach: I’m a mas­sive fan — I’m like a Greek Pop­eye. Spinach fea­tures ma­jorly in Greek cook­ing. I par­tic­u­larly love it with a fried egg on top. Fish pie: I’ve re­cently got into this. I make it with four types of fish, some spinach, and topped with po­tato and Parme­san cheese. Smoked sal­mon: All Jews love smoked sal­mon and I’m no ex­cep­tion. It goes very well with av­o­cado. Pavlova: I’m not a mas­sive fan of desserts but I like the com­bi­na­tion of fruit and meringue.


Red meat is a rich source of iron, pro­tein and B vi­ta­mins. If you eat it reg­u­larly, keep the sat­u­rated fat con­tent low by choos­ing the lean­est cuts, re­mov­ing any vis­i­ble fat and grilling. Re­duce your can­cer risk by not ex­ceed­ing 300g per week.

The real nu­tri­tional value of spinach lies, not in its iron con­tent (which in fact is less well ab­sorbed than iron from an­i­mal sources), but in the fo­late and can­cer­fight­ing an­tiox­i­dants lutein, beta carotene and vi­ta­mins C and E which it sup­plies.

Michael’s fish pie is a bal­anced meal in one dish. Fish is an ex­cel­lent source of pro­tein, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als but is low in sat­u­rated fat, so try to have at least two por- tions per week. One of th­ese should be oil­rich, such as mack­erel, sar­dines or sal­mon, to pro­vide heart-pro­tec­tive omega 3.

Eat smoked sal­mon in mod­er­a­tion — too many smoked foods in­crease your risk of can­cer.

Al­though high in su­gar, meringues can make a fruit-based dessert to help you meet your tar­get of five fruits and veg a day.

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