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On his Trep­pen­witz blog, writer David Bogner, who lives in Is­rael, be­gan a de­bate about chil­dren’s views of the meat they eat: “A few days ago, our 14-year-old daugh­ter, Ariella, asked me if she could take a day trip with a friend to a farm not far from where we live.

“The rea­son for the trip was to see a lamb be­ing slaugh­tered, in­spected for kosher cer­ti­fi­ca­tion… and then roasted so those in at­ten­dance could en­joy a nice meal.

“I was con­flicted. In the end, I told Ariella she could go to the farm but I was hold­ing my breath all af­ter­noon. When I saw her that evening, I asked how her trip to the farm had been, and was re­lieved to hear her im­me­di­ately launch into a detailed and en­thu­si­as­tic de­scrip­tion of what she’d seen.

“While she re­lated the process of check­ing the an­i­mal for ev­i­dence of dis­ease and/ or in­ter­nal in­juries (to make sure it was both healthy and kosher), she ad­mit­ted that it was ‘kinda gross’ see­ing the an­i­mal’s head ‘star­ing at her’ from a few feet away.

“And she also ad­mit­ted that she could have done without see­ing the lamb’s lungs be­ing in­flated (to check for holes that would in­di­cate a par­tic­u­lar type of dis­qual­i­fy­ing in­ter­nal in­jury that would ren­der it non-kosher).

“But ap­par­ently when they started roast­ing the ten­der, fatty meat over an open fire… all squeamish­ness seems to have van­ished.

“In short, Ariella en­joyed her­self im­mensely.” bo­ trep­pen­witz Com­ments on the blog: “I watched with amuse­ment the ex­pres­sion on my son’s face when he sud­denly re­alised that the name for the chicken that runs around go­ing cluck-cluck, and the name for food on his plate, were not only one and the same, but that both were re­fer­ring to the same an­i­mal. It was pure as­ton­ish­ment and won­der, and per­haps a bit of shock.

“My wife thought I trau­ma­tised him, but af­ter he fin­ished the BBQ wings and legs, I had no con­cerns at all. — JDMDad

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