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I HAVE lived through more than the oc­ca­sional Jewish po­lit­i­cal row. I don’t so much have that T-shirt, as a whole wardrobe full of them. The lat­est such row, about the Tories’ new al­lies in the Euro­pean Con­ser­va­tives and Re­formists group, is like a great­est hits com­pi­la­tion —MATTHEW HAR­RIS

TIME AND time again, Grif­fin vom­ited up the re­volt­ing rhetoric we ex­pect of him and his ilk, and time and time again the main party guests used the most ef­fec­tive weapon that those of us who op­pose the BNP’s poli­cies have — they sim­ply replied with cold, hard, log­i­cal com­mon sense and facts. It works like a charm — noth­ing the BNP say can sur­vive this sort of at­tack — JTCAM

THE TRUTH is, JFS has brought all its woes upon it­self by re­ject­ing sin­cere con­verts over the years. Un­til the 1950s, there was no “ha­lachah test” to at­tend the school. If par­ents iden­ti­fied them­selves as Jewish by re­li­gion, and wanted their child to be ed­u­cated un­der Or­tho­dox Jewish aus­pices, then the child was el­i­gi­ble to at­tend JFS. ANDREWSANGER

THE DAY that the UN hit rock bot­tom. The day that Is­rael can once and for all ac­knowl­edge that, what­ever it may want or like to think, it has never been part of the po­lit­i­cal in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity. The day that pol­i­tics beat democ­racy — a para­dox if there ever was one. It was the day that the UN of­fi­cially en­dorsed the Gold­stone Re­port by a back­ing of 25 mem­ber states to six. —AARON16

IN TERMS of Gal­loway and Grif­fin ap­pear­ing on ar­gu­ing that Is­rael can­not take friends without run­ning them through a mag­ni­fy­ing-glass should work left and right, cor­rect? — YMEDAD

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