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SOLVEOUR Shab­bat-friendly cross­word. Writ­ing is not re­quired — just use your Scrab­ble board and tiles to spell out the an­swers to the cryptic clues.

HOWTOPLAY: Use the letter tiles from the game of Scrab­ble to spell out the an­swers to the clues be­low. Do not use the two blank tiles. Place the tiles on the Scrab­ble board ac­cord­ing to the grid ref­er­ences given with the clues. If you suc­cess­fully com­plete the puz­zle, you will have used all 98 tiles.


1F Get a veg­etable be­fore the queue does. (3) 1H Usual to see eight in a bed. (7) 1K Fight on the TV. (3) 1N Fi­nally played foot­ball here. (7) 3C It may oil many a sep­a­ra­tion. (7) 3E Pop in to visit your rel­a­tive. (5) 3J Straighten like a ruler would draw. (5) 5L Heard it’s only half as good as a tenor. (5) 7F Sweet found on a tug. (6) 9A You are in case there’s a rea­son. (5) 9I Less dan­ger­ous to have fears about it. (5) 9K Calls for dec­o­ra­tions. (6) 9M It’s said from a plat­form. (4) 11D Lis­ten to more than one of 3J across. (5)


1F Funny place to re­ceive an in­jec­tion. (6) 3C The marine got a blue for wa­ter sports. (4) 3J The prin­ci­ple of a 10101000. (5) 5B Met Al in­cor­po­rated with a letter at last. (4) 5H Ter­ri­ble if the man steals. (5) 7B Make a ges­ture to Ken­neth. (5) 7J Sailors and five more labour. (5) 9A Lament in front of the crypt. (3) 9I Very sharp edged words. (5) 11A There’s more to this state than you wish. (6) 12F Bet you can carry it. (4) 14D Adored Dorothy and Ed­ward. (5)t


ACROSS: Mimic, Wader, Turner, Jowl, Too. Snake, Nagged, Quixote, Aged, Pip, Revel, Afar

DOWN: Lazio, Witty, In-bound, Stoic, Livre, Horse Urn, Hal­ibut, Gang, Dyer, Ex­cise, Dead, Feta, Silo, Or De­vised and com­piled by Derek Wine. SCRAB­BLE ® is a reg­is­tered trade­mark of JW Spear & Sons Ltd, Maiden­head SL6 4UB, Eng­land, un­der li­cence from Mat­tel Europa BV, a sub­sidiary of Mat­tel Inc., ©Mat­tel 2006.

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