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My at­ten­tion was di­rected to a news­pa­per ar­ti­cle that an­nounced a large demon­stra­tion out­side the Is­raeli Em­bassy in Lon­don the day af­ter a num­ber of Is­raelis were killed and many more in­jured by the com­bined venom of Pales­tinian ter­ror and rocket at­tacks against south­ern Israel.

I ex­pected to read that Bri­tain’s Zion­ist and Jewish or­gan­i­sa­tions had ral­lied Bri­tish Jewry to stand in sup­port and sol­i­dar­ity with a Jewish state un­der siege. But no.

The pic­ture was of Pales­tinian flags and plac­ards be­ing held by anti-Israel pro­test­ers. I as­sume that some of these ac­tivists were Jewish. Is­raelis were dy­ing and these peo­ple were proac­tive enough to con­demn Israel.

Cer­tainly, there were no Is­raeli flags to be seen in the pic­ture. I searched the in­ter­net ex­pect­ing to see that there had been a turn out in sup­port of Israel. Maybe, they were there. Per­haps the press had, as usual, over­looked them. But no. Ap­par­ently the heads of the Jewish and Zion­ist bod­ies in Bri­tain were be­low the bar­ri­cades, or sleep­ing on the job.

As an Is­raeli, and one ac­tive in has­bara for Israel, I de­mand to know why the voice of Bri­tish Jewry was not shout­ing out loud and clear as we were be­ing at­tacked?

If they were not out­side the Is­raeli Em­bassy, why weren’t they out­side the Pales­tinian diplo­matic mis­sion in Lon­don protest­ing against Pales­tinian ter­ror tac­tics against my coun­try? Or don’t they care enough to get up and be­come pro-ac­tive?

If I were a Jew in Bri­tain, and cared for Israel, I would de­mand to know what these so-called pro-Israel pro­fes­sion­als are do­ing?

Cer­tainly, they are not hy­per-ac­tive when it comes to mo­ments of cri­sis for the Jewish state.

If these peo­ple can­not do what they are paid to do, let them move over and al­low other, fresher, and more dy­namic peo­ple take over.

As you can tell, I am one an­gry Is­raeli who is dis­gusted with the coun­try of his ori­gin — and glad to be out of there. Barry Shaw the­viewfromis­rael@gmail.com

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