Why some fans are just not laugh­ing

The Jewish Chronicle - - News - BY DANBLOOM Dan Bloom is the Tai­wan bureau chief for the San Diego Jewish World

Dear Ricky and Karl, Can you guys maybe start to leave Anne Frank out of your com­edy rou­tines? Okay, some of your fans are laugh­ing, but I’m not: why did the Holo­caust di­arist be­come a sub­ject for mirth?

Yes, that Anne Frank, the teenage girl who be­came a sym­bol of the Holo­caust. The claus­tro­pho­bic years in hid­ing. The ter­ri­ble mys­tery of be­trayal, the hor­rific last weeks, dy­ing of ty­phoid in a con­cen­tra­tion camp.

The poignant way in which her diary was found, its restora­tion to her fa­ther, all that was left of a sen­si­tive, in­tel­li­gent tal­ented child, all that re­mained of his en­tire fam­ily. Good sub­ject for a joke, eh, Ricky and Karl?

The fine line be­tween funny and of­fen­sive is one that TV com­edy show pro­duc­ers should be able to judge. It seems though that they some­times put as much thought into mat­ters of taste and con­text as a Twit­ter­ing teenager.

So Ricky and Karl, enough al­ready. It’s time to grow up and throw your gen­teel Bri­tish an­ti­semitic snark away. In the gut­ter. Where it be­longs.


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