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POP­PING ears whilst fly­ing can be painful es­pe­cially for ba­bies and tod­dlers. It hap­pens be­cause of pres­sure changes in the air space be­hind the eardrum (the mid­dle ear). Nor­mally, the Eu­stachian tube, a pas­sage­way which leads from the mid­dle ear to the back of the throat be­hind the nose, equal­izes the air pres­sure by open­ing and let­ting air reach the mid­dle ear. When our ears ‘pop’ the tubes are ad­just­ing the air pres­sure. In chil­dren, nar­row Eu­stachian tubes might not func­tion as well, es­pe­cially if they have a cold.

Chil­dren’s Ear­planes, the world’s first pres­sure reg­u­lat­ing earplug, may be a so­lu­tion. It con­sists of a sil­i­cone earplug which acts as an air­tight seal be­tween the prod­uct and the ear canal and a ceramic pres­sure reg­u­la­tor which acts as a con­trolled fil­ter when in­serted into the ear.

They cost £5.10 from Boots and su­per­mar­kets.

Sav­ings can be made by a lit­tle for­ward plan­ning.

The av­er­age sav­ing for those book­ing ahead on a three-day short stay park­ing space is £34.50 or 43 per cent (£70.93 vs £45.38).

The av­er­age sav­ing on an eight day short stay park­ing space is £132.15, or 62 per cent (£204.19 vs £78.03).

What’s more, if you choose an off­site car park at, say, Heathrow, you could save £346.45 (88 per cent) and pay £67.95 for an eight-day stay in a car park a short dis­tance from the air­port.

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