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“No­body is both­ered when Pales­tini­ans/Is­raelis (delete as ap­pro­pri­ate) suf­fer; there is only an outcry when Is­raelis/Pales­tini­ans (delete as ap­pro­pri­ate) are the vic­tims.”

Such de­press­ingly com­mon state­ments, which could have come from the same scriptwriter, are usu­ally, I think, bi­ased re­marks by in­di­vid­u­als.

Me­dia bias, though it may arise from a sim­i­lar un­will­ing­ness to see part of the truth, is of­ten more sub­tle, which is why people such as [the man­ag­ing edi­tor of CiF Watch] Adam Le­vick ( News anal­y­sis, July 4) do an im­por­tant job in fin­ger­ing it.

His point about “set­tlers” and “set­tle­ment” be­ing used pe­jo­ra­tively shows up the weary old view of Zion­ism be­ing an im­pe­ri­al­ist-type move­ment.

One of his points has me won­der­ing, though.

I did not see the Daily Mail’s 16 pho­tos of mil­i­tary op­er­a­tions to which he refers, but I did see one in the Guardian; it showed soldiers search­ing for the three kid­napped Is­raeli boys.

What is there to ob­ject to in that? Jeff Lewis Wood Grove, White­field, Manch­ester, M45

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