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I was read­ing last week’s edi­tion of the JC as rock­ets rained down upon Tel Aviv, and read Ge­of­frey Al­der­man’s ar­ti­cle with a sense of in­credulity. He quoted the nov­el­ist Louise Men­sch as say­ing that “Gaza rocket strikes have killed no Is­raelis, they don’t work, they are the weak ef­forts of losers”.

It was as if, by some per­verse logic, con­sciously or sub­con­sciously, she could only jus­tify Is­rael’s re­tal­ia­tory re­ac­tion to the deadly rocket on­slaught by Ha­mas and other ji­hadists, if scores of Is­raelis had been killed or maimed. The rea­son so far that hor­rific sce­nario has not hap­pened, is not be­cause the rock­ets are duds but be­cause Is­rael pro­tects its cit­i­zens, while Ha­mas leads the Pales­tinian pop­u­la­tion to dis­as­ter af­ter dis­as­ter.

Since time im­memo­rial, wars have been fought and trag­i­cally civil­ians have been killed. Thou­sands have lost their lives in Syria, and will sadly con­tinue to do so. The blame for this lat­est, hope­fully short, war falls squarely on Ha­mas’s shoul­ders, and those, like Iran, who fan the flames of ha­tred for Is­rael.

With a daugh­ter liv­ing in Tel Aviv who has been deeply trau­ma­tised by re­cent events, it has be­come ob­vi­ous to me that this con­flict is not a game to be played on a level play­ing field, but a des­per­ate bat­tle for sur­vival against tyranny and those who seek Is­rael’s de­struc­tion no mat­ter what the cost. Robert Dulin Colne Road Lon­don N21

I ac­cuse the press for print­ing false pho­tos and cap­tions so of­ten mis­lead­ing and doc­tored that de­monise and dele­git­imise Is­rael.

I ac­cuse the press of be­ing ob­sessed with Is­rael and the Jews to the detri­ment of other hu­man­i­tar­ian crises that need their sup­port and ex­po­sure.

I ac­cuse Ha­mas for not ac­cept­ing the cease­fire bro­kered by Egypt thus car­ry­ing full re­spon­si­bil­ity for more death and de­struc­tion.

I ac­cuse the world of ab­ject and com­plete fail­ure to un­der­stand that Is­rael is in­ter­ested in liv­ing in peace — and not at war — with its neigh­bours.

I ac­cuse the world of fail­ing to praise the suc­cess of Is­rael’s Iron Dome but some­how would feel bet­ter if Jewish blood was spilt.

I ac­cuse the world of fail­ing to cel­e­brate Is­rael’s se­cu­rity bar­rier which has pro­tected Is­rael’s civil­ians from sui­cide bombers.

I ac­cuse the United Na­tion of lies, de­ceit, dou­ble stan­dards and in­jus­tice to­wards the state of Is­rael.

I ac­cuse our self-loathing Jews who are all traitors to the Jewish people.

I ac­cuse the mer­chants of hate and dis­crim­i­na­tion who en­dan­ger our world.

I ac­cuse those who use im­moral lan­guage such as “apartheid” and “Nazi” to ma­lign and be­smirch Is­rael. Shame on you.

I ac­cuse the world for all the times it stood silent as Jews were killed and Jewish lives were de­stroyed. To­day, we will no longer be the vic­tims. Richard Manville Cavendish Road Sal­ford, Lancs

Your head­line of July 11 stated: “Is­rael grinds to a halt”. Clearly, the per­son who wrote the head­line has not been to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or other ma­jor Is­raeli cities this week.

Had they vis­ited they would have seen that life in Is­rael goes on al­most as usual.

Even when sirens go off, we take them in our stride and con­tinue with our ev­ery­day lives. You and all JC read­ers are wel­come to come here and see. Sarah Fair­weather Shamir Ben Zakkai Street, Jerusalem

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