Death of the two state so­lu­tion

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IHEREBY DED­I­CATE this col­umn to Harakat al-Muqawama al-Is­lamiyya, bet­ter known here in the west as Ha­mas. In the 14 years that I’ve been writ­ing this col­umn I never imag­ined that I would ac­tu­ally pen so much as one sen­tence – let alone an en­tire col­umn – in praise of Ha­mas. But it’s clear to me that that time has now come. Why? Be­cause, in its lat­est en­deav­ours in sup­port of its am­bi­tion to wage war on us Jews and bring about the com­plete an­ni­hi­la­tion of Is­rael, Ha­mas has achieved two vic­to­ries of ex­tra­or­di­nary sig­nif­i­cance. It has sab­o­taged any pos­si­bil­ity of there be­ing a two-state so­lu­tion to the Is­raeliPales­tinian con­flict. And it has ma­te­ri­ally as­sisted in the fi­nal and – one hopes – ir­rev­o­ca­ble refu­ta­tion of the ar­gu­ments that con­tem­po­rary anti-Zion­ism is in no sense what­ever racist, and that all men and women of good­will can, with a clear con­science, op­pose the ex­is­tence of a Jewish na­tion state, with­out run­ning the risk of be­ing ex­posed as the racists that they un­doubt­edly are.

I deal first with the death of the twostate so­lu­tion. For the pur­poses of my ar­gu­ment I am go­ing to ig­nore the fact that the king­dom of Jor­dan is, as a mat­ter of his­tor­i­cal fact, a Pales­tinian-Arab state, carved out of the ge­o­graphic ter­ri­tory that was part of the orig­i­nal Pales­tine man­date.

The two-state so­lu­tion is, strictly, speak­ing, the three-state so­lu­tion. But never mind. For the mo­ment I’m go­ing to ig­nore this in­con­ve­nient truth, and ar­gue on the ba­sis that the phrase refers to the idea that the so­lu­tion to the present con­flict lies in the con­flicted par­ties agree­ing to the cre­ation of a Pales­tinian state, based on the West Bank and Gaza, liv­ing in peace and har­mony along­side a Jewish state – mean­ing Is­rael more or less within the 1949 armistice lines.

The two-state so­lu­tion has a long his­tory. It might be said to have orig­i­nated in pro­pos­als dat­ing from as far back as 1937. In 1974 the UN voted in favour of “two states, Is­rael and Pales­tine,” and this for­mu­la­tion – of­ten ex­pressed as “two states for two peo­ples,” and re-en­dorsed by the UN as re­cently as last year — has long been touted by politi­cians and pun­dits the world over.

It is the mantra re­peated ad nau­seam by the likes of David Cameron and Ed Miliband, not least be­cause it en­ables them to avoid con­fronting the re­li­gious na­ture of the con­flict, rooted as it is, and as Ha­mas (a Sunni af­fil­i­ate) has al­ways in­sisted, on the Is­lamist re­fusal to coun­te­nance a Jewish state any­where in the historic Realm of Is­lam.

By de­lib­er­ately fir­ing rock­ets into cen­tral Is­rael, and thereby bring­ing about the

We are see­ing EU cit­i­zens bay­ing for Jewish blood

tem­po­rary clo­sure of Ben-Gu­rion Air­port, Ha­mas has killed off the two-state so­lu­tion. This so­lu­tion is dead. No Is­raeli govern­ment is ever go­ing to agree to the cre­ation of an in­de­pen­dent Pales­tinian state based on the West Bank, ruled by a regime of which Ha­mas is a part.

Rock­ets from Gaza are bad enough. But with launch-pads in Ra­mal­lah and Jeri­cho, Ha­mas would be able to close Ben-Gu­rion Air­port per­ma­nently. Greater Tel Aviv would be within easy reach of Ha­mas’s Ira­ni­an­made mis­siles. Jewish Jerusalem would be the eas­i­est of tar­gets.

The most that Mah­moud Ab­bas can now hope for is Is­raeli agree­ment to a lim­ited Pales­tinian en­clave on the West Bank, a sort of glo­ri­fied county coun­cil, in­ter­nally self­gov­ern­ing, to­tally de­mil­i­tarised, and with a con­tin­ued Is­raeli mil­i­tary pres­ence in the Jor­dan Val­ley. Hardly the two-state so­lu­tion, is it?

Mean­while, through­out Europe, we have wit­nessed man­i­fes­ta­tions of EU cit­i­zens bay­ing for Jewish blood.

In the Paris sub­urb of Sar­celles a sup­pos­edly peace­ful anti-Is­raeli demon­stra­tion de­gen­er­ated into a min­pogrom. “They are not scream­ing ‘death to the Is­raelis,’” ex­plained Roger Cuik­er­man. head of Crif, the rep­re­sen­ta­tive body of French Jewry, “they are scream­ing ‘death to the Jews.’” In Ger­many (Ger­many!), a howl­ing mob de­manded that Jews (Jews, not Zion­ists, please note) were “cow­ardly pigs” and should be gassed! In Bel­gium pro­test­ers chanted “kill the Jews.”

All this Ha­mas has achieved. Its lead­er­ship must be de­lighted.

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