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I wrote in this news­pa­per two weeks ago that the fail­ure of the Ahava and So­das­tream shops to seek a civil in­junc­tion from the High Court, stop­ping the pro-Pales­tinian ag­i­ta­tors who were re­lent­lessly pick­et­ing their busi­nesses, was a di­rect cause of those shops clos­ing down.

I wrote that the own­ers had been penny-wise but pound-fool­ish in not want­ing to pay le­gal fees,, with the in­evitable re­sult.

This pick­et­ing is hap­pen­ing right now at the Ke­dem shop in the cen­tre of Manch­ester. Ruth­lessly de­ter­mined and pro­fes­sional in their or­gan­i­sa­tion, these ag­i­ta­tors are now pre­vent­ing in­no­cent shoppers from us­ing the Ke­dem store with­out ha­rass­ment.

I have or­gan­ised a team of so­lic­i­tors and bar­ris­ters, not my­self, and pri­vate de­tec­tives (nec­es­sary for film­ing and col­lect­ing the ev­i­dence) who are will­ing to test this mat­ter in the High Court at a frac­tion of mar­ket rates.

We ur­gently need £36,000 to launch this ac­tion which the shop say they can­not af­ford. I ur­gently ap­peal now to com­mu­nity bene­fac­tors who will re­alise the im­por­tance of cre­at­ing this prece­dent in court and will do­nate the nec­es­sary funds. Jonathan Gold­berg QC jon­gold@bt­in­ter­

I have been in­volved in the Manch­ester protests out­side Ke­dem Cos­met­ics. I was up­set to see our protest in­cluded in an ar­ti­cle about at­tacks on UK Jews ( News, July 25). It is cer­tainly not an ac­tion aimed against the Jewish com­mu­nity. It is an eco­nomic protest against Is­raeli pol­icy.

For the past sev­eral days, there have been counter-demon­stra­tions by peo­ple hold­ing the Is­raeli flag. Some of these peo­ple have be­haved very badly. I’m a small young woman, and to­day one of the demon­stra­tors spat at me, twice, as I was sit­ting silently with my plac­ard.

I have been called a Nazi more times than I can count, which, as a ded­i­cated anti-fas­cist and an­tiracist cam­paigner, I find of­fen­sive and hurt­ful. A woman from Jews for Jus­tice was called a “traitor” and a “Jewish thug”. As we read a list of names of dead Gazan chil­dren, the counter-pro­test­ers danced and cheered at each name read.

I do not be­lieve that these peo­ple are in any way rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Bri­tish Jewish com­mu­nity. I truly hope that your read­ers will recog­nise that, even if they dis­agree with our protest, we are mo­ti­vated by hu­man­i­tar­ian con­cerns, grief and hope, and not by ha­tred of any kind. Eli­nor Rooks Lytham Rd, Manch­ester

Coun­cil­lor Barry Kush­ner equat­ing Liver­pool with Is­rael ( Let­ters, July 25) is bizarre in the ex­treme. No rock­ets fly across from Birken­head and no Ha­mas ter­ror­ists are us­ing the Mersey Tun­nel. His let­ter is ac­tu­ally the lat­est in a long line of self-flag­el­lat­ing Jews who have de­cided to place the blame squarely on Is­rael. How about some rec­i­proc­ity for Is­rael’s vic­tims of ter­ror and for the trau­ma­tised chil­dren shel­ter­ing from rocket at­tacks in Sderot?

We know that Ha­mas ter­ror­ists dress up in IDF uni­forms to kill Is­raelis. We know that some tun­nels reach right into the heart of kib­butzim to threaten the lives of women and chil­dren. I know of no Is­raeli, in­clud­ing Prime Min­is­ter Ne­tanyahu, who does not long for peace, and this also ap­plies to Chief Rabbi Mirvis. As far as I can see no­body is threat­en­ing Liver­pool, ex­cept per­haps Manch­ester United! Malvyn Ben­jamin Dow­nage, Hendon, NW4

Where, please, can I pur­chase “Pro­tect Is­rael” or sim­i­lar wrist­bands which I could wear on the bowls green? John Til­siter Letch­more Road Radlett, Herts

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