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un­bound­aried, ex­posed and un­pro­tected, far from watch­ful eyes. The field means the out­side world, as op­posed to the pre­sumed safety of the home.

Cain mys­te­ri­ously lures Abel into the field and kills him. Rashi and Sforno — who were surely not only chil­dren — have this to of­fer as com­men­tary: Sforno makes the sim­ple, prac­ti­cal sug­ges­tion that be­ing in the field means be­ing away from parental su­per­vi­sion.

Rashi sug­gests Cain started a quar­rel with Abel, any quar­rel, to be set­tled “out­side”. He un­der­stands that there are dark forces at work be­tween broth­ers — he will later place the epic child­hood strug­gle be­tween Isaac and Ish­mael in a field.

The dan­ger is most starkly rep­re­sented a gen­er­a­tion later in the bit­ter­est con­flict

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