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It is of­ten said that the worst an­ti­semites are “self-hat­ing” Jews. When it comes to Sir Ger­ald Kauf­man, how­ever, no el­e­ment of self-ha­tred is in­volved. Quite the op­po­site. It is other Jews that he tar­gets, spout­ing a se­ries of the most ba­sic an­ti­semitic tropes as if he alone is free from the sins that he slan­ders the rest of us with. It would be easy to dis­miss his lat­est rant as merely the wit­ter­ing of a fool who should long ago have re­tired from pub­lic life. But his words are in­struc­tive. The likes of Sir Ger­ald of­ten hide their ha­tred of Jews be­hind a ha­tred of Is­rael and protest vig­or­ously that they have no prob­lem with Jews. With some, the mask is care­fully fixed and never slips in pub­lic. Sir Ger­ald, how­ever, has been un­able to keep up the pre­tence any longer, and has blurted out what he re­ally thinks. Not that any­one will be in the least bit sur­prised.

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