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1. Ac­cord­ing to Ram­bam (Mai­monides), what is the high­est level of char­ity? a) Giv­ing anony­mously b) Giv­ing with a full heart c) Giv­ing more than asked d) Giv­ing some­one a job e) Invit­ing some­one for a meal in one’s home 2. The word Shavuot means: a) Weeks b) Dreams c) Har­vest d) Com­mand­ments e) Prom­ises

3. The em­blem of the tribe of Ye­hu­dah was: a) a deer b) a sho­far c) an ea­gle d) a lion e) a staff

4. A lu­nar month lasts how many days: a) 28 b) 29 c) 29.5

d) 30 e) 30.5

5. Ei­lat is on the coast of which sea: a) Medit­er­anean b) Baltic c) Red d) Suez e) Dead 6. How old was Yitzchak when he died: a) 85 b) 120 c) 147 d) 180 e) 248

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