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1. Which of the fol­low­ing is the odd one out: a. Cups of wine at Seder b. Ques­tions in Mah Nish­tanah c. Bra­chot in Birkat Ha­ma­zon d. Mitzvot of Purim

e. Megillot in Tanach

2. Is­rael cap­tured the Old City of Jerusalem in which year: a. 1904 b. 1936 c. 1948 d. 1967 e. 1972

3. How many stages are there in the Pesach Seder: a. 4 b. 7 c. 12

d. 15 e. 18

4. What was the na­tion­al­ity of Theodor Herzl: a. Bri­tish b. French c. Prus­sian d. Hun­gar­ian e. Czech

5. The gema­tria of Shab­bat Shalom [writ­ten

in He­brew] is: a. 1078 b. 2334 c. 613 d. 1072 e. 472

6. Spot the odd one out a. Shet b. Os­nat c. Yocheved d. Shifra e. Puah

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