Charoset truf­fles

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These are ready in min­utes and can be re­frig­er­ated for up to three weeks in an air­tight con­tainer. A tasty Pesach treat.


100g al­monds

200g dried dates, pit­ted 80g dried apri­cots

135g raisins or sul­tanas ½-1 tsp cin­na­mon

1-2 tbsp grape juice Ground al­monds (op­tional)


Blitz the al­monds in a food pro­ces­sor un­til coarsely chopped.

Add the re­main­ing ingredients – ex­cept the juice and blitz again un­til well blended.

It may come to­gether in a ball at that point, but if not, add a ta­ble­spoon or two of juice to help it stick to­gether. Do not add too much or it will be too sticky to roll. Once it has come to­gether in a ball put it in a bowl and have a sec­ond bowl of cold wa­ter to hand.

Dampen your hands a lit­tle with the wa­ter and scoop spoons of the mix­ture – I use a mini ice cream scoop that is 3cm wide. Care­fully roll the mix­ture into balls of about 3cm — a nice truf­fle-sized piece. You may want to coat them in ground nuts — I coat half and leave half.

If they are very soft, re­frig­er­ate them for at least a cou­ple of hours — or un­til you want to serve them.

If not us­ing im­me­di­ately, store in a cov­ered con­tainer.


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